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Cytogenetics and Biochemical Genetics

Clinical Service

Department Investigators

Nancy Wang Genomic evolution in neoplasia
M. Anwar Iqbal Molecular cytogenetics
Robert A. Mooney Biochemical genetics
Bin Zhang Telomere and genomic instability, and cancer genomics

Interdepartmental Collaborations


Chin-To Fong Pediatric genetic disease


Alexander R. Paciorkowski Neurogenetics

Clinical Highlights

  • Cytogeneticists: M. Anwar Iqbal, Nancy Wang, Bin Zhang
  • Cytogenetics Laboratory: Traditional G-banding and molecular techniques; FISH probes; a complete range of microarray CGH testing (prenatal, postnatal, cancer)
  • Biochemical Genetics Laboratory (Director: R. Mooney) offers prenatal screening for fetal defects and metabolic testing for inborn errors in metabolism

Other Resources

  • Cancer Cytogenomics Microarray Consortium
    Dr. Anwar Iqbal is the president-elect of this organization. The mission of the consortium is to promote communication and collaboration among cancer cytogenetics laboratories.