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Clinical Service

Department Investigators

John M. Bennett Hematologic neoplasms
Richard Burack Molecular mechanisms of lymphoma progression
Archibald Perkins Leukemogenesis
Yi Zhang Cancer molecular biology

Current Awards

Richard Burack
Immune function and dysfunction in lymphoma 
Richard Burack
Lymphoma epidemiology and outcomes
Richard Burack Passenger mutations due to activation-induced deaminase as biomarkers in lymphoma
Archibald Perkins Function of the PR domain of the MDSI-EVI1 in MLL fusion protein leukemogenesis (NIH)
Archibald Perkins Examining the role of normal hematopoiesis in supporting incipient myelodysplasia (NIH)
Archibald Perkins Microenvironmental marrow population as theerapeutic targets in myelodysplastic syndromes (CTSI)
Yi Zhang Role of MECOM in MLL leukemia stem cell quiescence (NYS)
Andrew Evans Wilmot Cancer Research Fellowship: Role of the endosteal bone marrow microenvironment in follicular lymphoma growth and disease recurrence

Interdepartmental Collaborations

Wilmot Cancer Center

Richard Fisher SPORE in lymphoma
Jonathan Friedberg Southwest Oncology Group (SWOG)

Center for Vaccine Biology and Immunology

Tim Mosmann Role of immune function in the symptoms of lymphoma 

Educational Opportunities

  • Postresidency fellowship in hematopathology
  • Ph.D. program thesis opportunities in cancer biology; genetics and stem cell biology; immunology, microbiology, and hematology
  • Case review conferences: Lymphoma conference, Myeloid conference, Cytogenetics/molecular/hematopathology correlation, Pediatric hematology/oncology

Clinical Highlights

  • Hematopathologists: John Bennett, Richard Burack, Archibald Perkins, Andrew Evans, Yi Ding
  • Wide variety of flow cytometry assays
  • Molecular diagnostic and gene sequencing studies to support diagnostics

Other Resources

  • Banked tissue specimens: hematopoietic malignancy tissue procurement core continuously funded since 2007 provides support for translational science focused on lymphoma and leukemia.