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Department Investigators

Linda M. Callahan Neurodegenerative diseases
Mahlon Johnson Neurobiology
Gabrielle Yeaney Neurosciences

Interdepartmental Collaborations


Robert C. Griggs Experimental therapeutics of muscular disease
David Hermann Neuromuscular disease
Al-Rabi Tawil Neuromuscular disease

Educational Opportunities

  • PhD program thesis opportunities in neurobiology and neurological disease
  • Case review conferences: Clinical neuroscience, Multidisciplinary neuro-oncology, Neurology grand rounds, Neurosurgery/neuropathology case conference

Clinical Highlights

  • Neuropathologists: Mahlon Johnson, Gabrielle Yeaney
  • Supported by neuromuscular laboratory, neurohistology/immunohistochemistry laboratory; molecular genetics laboratory, cytogenetics laboratory (FISH analysis)
  • Resources for evaluating challenging neurosurgical cases
  • Evaluation of postmortem tissue including identification of a wide range of neurodegenerative disorders, perinatal neuropathology, forensic neuropathology
  • Evaluation of muscle biopsy specimens for neuromuscular disorders
  • Evaluation of ophthalmologic pathology specimens