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Pediatric and Perinatal Pathology

Department Investigators

Philip J. Katzman Placental pathology & Di George syndrome
Leon A. Metlay Placental and fetal disorders
Robert A. Mooney Prenatal screening

Interdepartmental Collaborations


Monique Ho  
Richard K. Miller  
Jean Peterson  
Eva Pressman  

Educational Opportunities

  • Unique 2-month residency rotations in antenatal and postnatal pathology, with integrated clinical and laboratroy experiences taught by obstetrics, pediatrics, and pathology faculty members.
  • Case review conferences: Pediatric GI, Pediatric hematology/oncology, Pediatric pulmonary

Clinical Highlights

  • Pediatric/Obstetric Pathologists: Philip Katzman, Leon Metlay
  • Maternal Serum Screening Program: (Director: R. Mooney) Offers pregnancy risk assessment for chromosomal abnormalities and structural defects

Current Awards

Richard K. Miller, Philip Katzman - Mt. Sinai national children's study formative research study project 18: placentas

Other Resources