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Pediatric and Perinatal Pathology

Clinical Service

Department Investigators

Philip J. Katzman Placental pathology and general pediatric pathology
Leon A. Metlay Placental and fetal disorders
Robert A. Mooney Prenatal screening

Interdepartmental Collaborations


Monique Ho Obstetrical genetics
Richard K. Miller Placental pathology
Jeanne Peterson Genetic counseling
Eva Pressman Obstetrical complications
Emily Barrett Stress factors in pregnancy


Gloria Pryhuber Pediatric lung disease

Current Awards

Philip Katzman

Biorepository for Investigation of Neonatal Disease of the Lung (BRINDL) – serving as the Human Tissue Core (HTC) for the Molecular Atlas of Lung Development Program (LungMAP)

Philip Katzman
Prenatal Anxiety, Androgens, and Sex-Dependent Development study

Educational Opportunities

  • Unique 2-month residency rotations in antenatal and postnatal pathology, with integrated clinical and laboratory experiences taught by obstetrics, pediatrics, and pathology faculty members.
  • Case review conferences: Pediatric GI, Pediatric hematology/oncology, Pediatric pulmonary

Clinical Highlights

  • Pediatric/Obstetric Pathologists: Philip Katzman, Leon Metlay
  • Maternal Serum Screening Program: (Director: Robert Mooney) Offers pregnancy risk assessment for chromosomal abnormalities and structural defects