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Transfusion Medicine

Department Investigators

Neil Blumberg Blood transfusion immunology, clinical outcomes research
Scott A. Kirkley Blood transfusion immunology
Majed Refaai Hemostasis and thrombosis
Sherry L. Spinelli Platelets as mediators of inflammation

Current Awards

Neil Blumberg Identification and significance of biologic mediators in red cell concentrates (NIH)
Majed Refaai Use of Beriplex P/N in subjects requiring emergency surgery (Clinical trial, CSL Bering)
Majed Refaai Evaluation of edozaban vs. warfarin in subjects with VTE (clinical trial, Quintiles)

Interdepartmental Collaborations

Environmental Medicine

Richard Phipps Immunobiology

University of Michigan

Mary Rogers Epidemiologic studies of blood transfusion utilization and clinical outcomes

Medicine: Hematology/Oncology

Charles Francis Hemostasis & response to injury

Pediatrics-Pulmonary and Intensive Care Medicine

Jill Cholette Transfusion immunology and clinical outcomes in pediatric cardiac surgery


Laurent Glance Transfusion practice and clinical outcomes in non-cardiac surgery

Clinical Highlights

  • Laboratory directors: Neil Blumberg, Scott Kirkley, Majed Refaai
  • Includes transfusion service, autologous donation program, and immunohematology reference laboratory.
  • Transfuses only blood components that are ABO identical to the patient, leukocyte reduced and irradiated
  • Stem cell laboratory processes and stores peripheral stem cells and bone marrow products in preparation for transplant.