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Iqbal Lab

M Anwar Iqbal, Ph.D.

Ph.D. 1983
India-Osmania University, Gandhi Medical College

Associate Professor,
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Research Overview

The Iqbal Laboratory provides microarray comparative genomic hybridization (microarray CGH) testing for postnatal, prenatal and cancer patients. As part of URMC’s comprehensive pathology and laboratory medicine department, the lab helps clinical geneticists, reproductive geneticists, pediatric geneticists, neonatologists, clinical oncologists and haematopathologists provide the best patient care management.

The microarray CGH lab receives peripheral blood, amniotic fluid, chorionic villus, products of conception, bone marrow, formalin-fixed, paraffin embedded (FFPE) and solid tumor samples for DNA microarray testing. Testing determines the loss or gain of DNA segments in the patient compared to normal controls. These changes, known as copy number variations (CNVs), have been associated with susceptibility to certain disorders as well as reactions to drugs that treat these disorders.

Our associated research involves the following:

  1. Evaluation of various CGH platforms and methodologies.
  2. Studies of the efficacy of microarray-based testing for detection of genetic aberrations in various types of malignancies.

Microarray technology allows the comparison of a specific segment of DNA to thousands of probes. Procedural issues include questions such as, “What are the most useful probes for clinical testing, that yield the clearest results and point to possible therapies?” Data resulting from multiple tests of specific tumor types may also uncover new areas of genomic interest for basic researchers. Our laboratory is collaborating with Dr. Marilyn Li of Tulane University and with the CCMC in these areas.

The microarray lab is the only lab in the Upstate NY area providing in-house and reference testing for patients with autism, dysmorphic features and mental retardation, and for fetuses with multiple ultrasound abnormalities. This has allowed the accumulation of significant data for further studies.

Recent Publications

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Society of Human Genetics Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, Nov. 3-6, 2010 (Platform Presentation)