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Questions About Health Care Costs

Thank you for entrusting your care to UR Medicine. We are committed to providing you with excellent service in all aspects of your care, including answering your questions about your health care costs. With more patients moving to newer high deductible and co-insurance plans, we find many patients have questions about medical expenses. As part of our service excellence pledge to you, we are providing this web page to make you aware of some of the ways you can better understand your potential expenses while receiving care at UR Medicine.

Become Aware of Your Insurance Plan's "Network Tiers"

Today, many insurance plans sort hospitals and other care providers into "in-network" and "out-of-network" tiers. Typically, "in-network" care is less expensive than "out-of-network" care. Before you receive care, it's a good idea to contact your insurance company to help you understand how your health care providers' status in a particular tier may affect your health care costs.

UR Medicine Care Providers & Hospitals

Most UR Medicine care providers and hospitals accept most insurance plans (see the list of Accepted Insurance Carriers). To find out if your care provider is part of the UR Medicine network, visit You can also look up the specific hospitals where your UR Medicine care provider works.

Separate Charges for Some Services

Sometimes you'll receive two UR Medicine bills for the health care services you received. The logo at the top and description of the charges can help you identify the source of the charges. The UR Medicine Statement of Professional Services includes fees for the provider who was involved with your care or test/image. The UR Medicine/Strong Memorial Hospital/Highland Hospital statement includes fees related to the facility (e.g., exam/surgery rooms, medicine given, x-rays taken, etc.).

Referrals and Insurance Plans

When your care provider sends you to the hospital or arranges a procedure or test, ask for the names of the providers who will perform the service. Follow up with your insurance company to determine if those providers are "in network" for your plan. On our website, you can view a list of UR Medicine lab locations and imaging locations.

Anticipated Costs at UR Medicine

You may contact our Health Care Cost Estimator team at (585) 758-7801 to receive an estimated cost for services or procedures provided at UR Medicine hospitals or by our providers.

Financial Assistance is Available

UR Medicine also offers a Financial Assistance program for individuals who cannot afford the health care they need. For more information, please view our financial assistance information or call (585) 784-8889.