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Pediatrics / Cardiology Fellowship / Program Details / Educational Activities

Educational Activities

Conferences and Teaching

The fellow participates in the conferences and postgraduate programs sponsored by the Division of Pediatric Cardiology. The fellow will be responsible for informal and formal presentations to the medical students and residents on the Cardiology service on topics relating to the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease in children.

Physicians collaborating

Cardiac Pathology Specimen Review


One-on-one teaching session with a Pediatric Pathologist examining heart specimens with congenital heart diseases.

Cath/EP Discussion


This conference is for the fellows, cath/EP faculty, and cath/EP lab staff. Discussions may focus on recent interesting patients or may be a didactic discussion of a particular topic related to cardiac catheterization, non-invasive arrhythmia management, or intracardiac electrophysiology studies

Clinical Management Conference


This conference provides the patient care team the opportunity to present patients for discussion with difficult or interesting clinical management problems.

Department Conferences and Meetings


The Department of Pediatrics hosts a variety of conferences and sessions that enhance clinical training and meet ABP and ACGME requirements. These conferences and meetings give our fellows an opportunity to interact with well-established clinicians and researchers, both internal and external to URMC.

Echocardiography Conference


This conference is for the fellows, echo faculty, and sonographers. Discussions may focus on a particular interesting echo performed in the last week or may be a didactic discussion of a particular topic related to echocardiography.

Fellow Lecture Series


This is a weekly didactic lecture series, which covers all aspects of Pediatric Cardiology. The fellows and faculty present the lectures.

Journal Club


This conference serves to review current literature on a topic pertinent to the practice of clinical pediatric cardiology. The fellows will rotate responsibility for presenting the journal articles reviewed.

Monday Morning Report Conference


The entire Pediatric Cardiology Team gathers to review in-hospital patient activity from the previous weekend and review the upcoming week’s schedule.

Morbidity and Mortality Conference


This conference reviews all mortality and significant morbidity occurring on the cardiology and cardiac surgery services. Fellows will compile data on these patients and present them at the conference.

Surgical Conference


This conference provides the cardiology team the opportunity to discuss each patient scheduled for surgery in the upcoming week.