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Research Test TubesOur research activities center largely on clinical questions related to children with critical illness. Major current foci include, assessing alterations in hemostatic function in critically ill children, and assessing new devices for measuring hemodynamic function in a critical care setting.

Research Networks

Our participation in Pediatric Critical Care research networks allows our faculty to collaborate with teams of investigators in multi-center studies on a national and an international level.

Here are a few of the networks in which our faculty participate.

PALISI Network - Pediatric Acute Lung Injury and Sepsis Investigators

This network of PICU researchers identifies optimal supportive, preventive and therapeutic strategies for acute lung injury, sepsis, multi-organ failure, and life-threatening pulmonary or systemic inflammatory syndromes that affect critically ill infants and children.

Blood Net - Pediatric Critical Care Blood Research Network 

Blood Net is an international multi-disciplinary group of investigators who focus on transfusion medicine, blood conservation and hemostasis to improve outcomes in critically ill children.

Autism Treatment Network

ATN is a collaboration of medical centers dedicated to providing high-quality, multi-disciplinary, coordinated medical care for children and adolescents with autism and associated conditions.