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Current Studies

  • Red blood cellsABC-Trial, “Age of Blood Cell Transfusions in Children” An international study examining the impact of the age of blood cells in pediatric critically ill patients.” 
    (PALISI Network) PI: Phillip Spinella; Marissa Tucci; Jacques Lacroix. University of Rochester Site PI: Jill M. Cholette, MD, Co-Investigator: L. Eugene Daugherty, MD.
  • “Genetic Epidemiology of Life Threatening Influenza in Children.”
    PI: Adrienne Randolph, MD, Children's Hospital Boston. Co-Investigator: Kate Ackerman, MD, Sub-Investigators: L. Eugene Daugherty, MD and Jill M. Cholette, MD.
  • "Iron Treatment for Insomnia in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders." A multi-site, collaborative trial with University of Colorado. PI: Ann Reynolds, MD. University of Rochester Site PI: Heidi V. Connolly, MD.
  • "Prevention of Central Venous Catheter-Associated Thrombosis in Critically Ill Children: A Multicenter Phase 2b Trial"
    Yale (Vince Faustino PI). Site PI: Jill M. Cholette, MD.
  • "Enoxaparin Prophylaxis for High Risk Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Patients"
    PI: Jill Cholette, MD.
  • "Transfusion of Cell Saver Blood for 24 Hours After its Collection: Impact on Infection and Outcomes."
    PI: Elizabeth Nocera. Senior Investigator: Jill M. Cholette, MD.
  • "Use of Neural Networking to Create Smarter PICU Alarm Parameters."
    PI: Heather Reyes. Senior Investigator: Jeffrey  Rubenstein, MD, MBA.
  • "Cell-Free DNA (cfDNA) as a Marker for Clinical Outcomes After Neonatal Cardiovascular Surgery."
    PI: Melissa Cullimore. Senior Investigator: Kate Ackerman, MD.
  • "Pediatric Acute Respiratory Distress Incidence and Epidemiology (PARDIE)."
    PALISI Network. Site PI: Kate Ackerman, MD.
  • "Patient Driven Gene Discovery in Children with Critical Illness."
    Yale (Saquib Lakhani). Site PI: Kate Ackerman, MD.
  • "Epigenetics of Transition from Fetal to Adult Circulation."
    PI: Kate Ackerman, MD.