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We are proud of the accomplishments of our faculty who inspire and lead our research efforts, and continuously push the boundaries of current knowledge helping to make tomorrow’s state-of-the-art even better. Here are just a few of their achievements.

  • As part of the BloodNet and PALISI networks Drs. Cholette and Daugherty are site Co-PIs for the ABC-trial, an international study examining the impact of the age of blood cells in pediatric critically ill patients.
  • Through the PALISI network Drs. Ackerman, Daugherty and Cholette, are participating in PANGEA (the Prevalence of Acute critical Neurological disease in children; a Global Epidemiological Assessment study) led by Dr. Adrienne Randolph at Boston Children’s Hospital.
  • Dr. van der Jagt is the university’s Site PI for an NHLBI (NIH) study, “THAPCA Trials (Therapeutic Hypothermia After Cardiac Arrest),” a 6 year multi-center study project involving 34 institutions. Dr. van der Jagt has also been an active as a National Faculty Member of the American Heart Association's Advanced Pediatric Life Support Course (PALS).
  • Dr Ackerman has recently taken a leadership position in The Society for Pediatric Research (SPR).

Investigators' Research Interests

Kate Ackerman, M.D.

  • diaphragmLaboratory investigation of the developmental mechanisms and genetics of structural birth defects that cause critical illness in neonates
  • Laboratory focus on developmental diaphragmatic defects, pulmonary hypoplasia, and early lung patterning
  • Investigating models of congenital heart disease and fetal obstructive uropathy

Jill Cholette, M.D.

  • Blood cell utilization, modification and impact on inflammation and immune modulation
  • Clinical outcomes after blood transfusions in children with congenital heart disease status post cardiac surgery
  • Venous thrombosis prevention, as well as management, particularly in pediatric cardiac surgery and in association with central venous lines

Karen Powers, M.D.

  • Non-invasive measures of cardiac output and volume measurements in critically ill infants and children

Elise van der Jagt, M.D.

  • Multi-center control trials studying the morbidity and mortality of cooling pediatric patients status post cardiac arrest
  • Effectiveness of medical simulation as both a teaching tool and assessment tool in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit