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Clinical Teaching

Dr. Steven Cook, national expert – childhood obesity

Dr. Steven Cook, national expert in childhood obesity

Fellows teach both at the medical center and in the community, where they are closely supervised by faculty, and receive evaluation and feedback from learners and faculty. Each fellow spends one half-day per week in a resident continuity clinic setting, where the majority of teaching involves individual apprenticeship-type tutoring of residents and medical students, both in the patient’s examination room and in a conference room. Short teaching sessions are given weekly by all providers; fellows participate in these and obtain feedback from faculty, residents, and medical students.

Fellows attend 4 weeks of inpatient teaching rounds for the primary care practice, conducting small-group, patient-centered teaching on the hospital floors. Several fellows have elected to work with an individual faculty member during an additional 4-week inpatient teaching attending rotation, in which they round with residents and medical students, and provide teaching sessions. This elective experience provides valuable role modeling and mentoring, and teaches fellows about the role of primary care practitioners in hospital care.

Academic Teaching

All fellows are expected to make research presentations at local and national meetings. We use a staged approach to provide fellows progressive opportunities to present research and develop presentation skills. They initially present at a fellows’ seminar where they receive constructive feedback in a comfortable environment, then give divisional and departmental presentations, and finally present at national research meetings.

The Department hosts an annual scientific poster session where fellows display and discuss their research with faculty and other professionals. Fellows also give talks at sessions of the Child Health and Adolescent Research meetings, at resident noon conferences, and other venues such as Grand Rounds and faculty development workshops.