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Study Team Members

Principal Investigators

  • Cynthia Rand, MD, MPH
  • Peter Szilagyi MD, MPH


  • Stanley Schaffer (U of R)
  • Sharon Humiston (Children’s Mercy Kansas City)
  • Paul Darden (University of OK)
  • William Stratbucker (Helen deVos Children’s Hospital)
  • Iman Sharif (NYU)

NIPN Study Team Members

Wendy Davis, Judy Shaw, Erica Gibson (Univ of Vermont)

Team Members

  • Cate Concannon (U of R)
  • Nicolas Goldstein (U of R)
  • Rachel Wallace-Brodeur (NIPN)
  • Holly Tyrrell (CORNET)
  • Jennifer Le (NIPN)

Background, Purpose/Aims of the study

Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine is recommended for all 11‐12 yr olds but coverage is low; missed opportunities and suboptimal communication with parents are key causes.

Strengthening provider recommendation is critical to raise coverage.



CORNET is a national, practice-based research network composed of pediatric residency continuity practices. CORNET establishes a self-sustaining collaborative research network among clinicians that produce quality research in primary care, health care delivery, improvement science, and medical education.


NIPN is a network of more than 20 states that have developed “Improvement Partnerships” (IP) to advance quality and transform health care for children and families. IPs use the science of QI and a systems approach to change health care practice. NIPN is an organization housed at the Vermont Child Health Improvement Program (VCHIP) at the University of Vermont, College of Medicine.


The primary goal of this national partnership is to enhance education, awareness and strength of HPV vaccine recommendations for providers, including those who train primary care residents across the US. Through direct outreach and education and practice‐based QI interventions, we will increase the number of providers trained on strong recommendations for HPV vaccine, increase peer communication, and increase provider awareness and use of CDC resources to raise immunization rates. Specific strategies are as follows:

  1. Do direct clinician outreach and training
  2. Disseminate educational materials to clinicians (we offer Grand Rounds at academic centers)
  3. Form strong partnerships (with ACS, AAP, AHEC and others)
  4. Prioritize HPV vaccination efforts