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Lung Health & Disease

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Lung Health & Disease


  • Mechanisms of gene transfer and gene therapy
  • Biomarkers of lung injury
  • Dynamic extracellular matrix signaling in lung injury
  • Toxic environmental exposures and lung development and injury
  • Endothelial cell signaling in lung injury
  • Cytoskeletal dynamics in lung vascular inflammation and injury
  • Pulmonary biomechanics, including surfactant biophysics
  • School age pulmonary outcome of neonatal exposure to oxygen
  • Biomarkers to predict BPD outcome
  • Neonatal lung autopsy biorepository
  • Prematurity & Respiratory Outcomes Program (PROP)


Patricia Chess, M.D.

Carl D'Angio, M.D.

David Dean, Ph.D.

Fabeha Fazal, Ph.D.

Jacob Finkelstein, Ph.D.

Carl Johnston, Ph.D.

Tom Mariani, Ph.D.

Ravi Misra, PhD

Robert Notter, M.D., Ph.D., Emeritus

Michael O'Reilly, Ph.D.

Gloria Pryhuber, M.D.

Arshad Rahman, Ph.D.

Kristin Scheible, M.D.

Timothy Stevens, M.D., M.P.H.

Jennifer Young, Ph.D.