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April 2013 Newsletter

Resident Research Projects

Our pediatrics residency program is among a handful in the U.S. that provides trainees with the opportunity to pursue a “research track.” This track allows for dedicated time to choose a mentor or mentors, formulate a research question, and work during parts of the second and third years of residency on designing a study and generating the data that will answer the question. For those planning to do a subspecialty or general pediatrics fellowship, this process is invaluable, affording the residents mastery of many of the strategies and techniques they will use in their fellowship research and allowing them to hit the proverbial ground running when they become fellows. For those planning to pursue a career in primary care practice, this process is also invaluable, giving its participants a chance to hone their analytical skills, critically evaluate the literature, and gain a hands-on understanding of the process that underlies the generation of an evidence base for practice in the real world.

Below are descriptions of the projects of some of our third year residents who have pursued the Resident Research Track.