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Pediatrics / Pediatric Research Newsletter / July 2010 / Training in Pediatric Infectious Disease

July 2010 Newsletter

Training in Pediatric Infectious Disease (T32)

URMC physician-investigators and scientists interested in opportunistic infections have teamed up to train the next generation of pediatric infectious disease doctors in research. This NIH-funded program brings faculty from several URMC departments together to help launch the research careers of pediatricians with clinical training in infectious disease. These trainees work in mentor laboratories on projects destined to enhance the understanding of and ability to diagnose and treat fungal, bacterial and viral infections of children who, whether from disease itself or from aggressive treatment, do not have the ability to fight infection. The approaches these trainees and mentors take run the gamut – from boosting the failing immune system to killing the infectious agent to decreasing the toxicity of the therapy that caused immune failure.