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Selected Peer Reviewed Publications


Cholette JMPowers KS, Alfieris GM, Angona R, Henrichs KF, Masel D, Swartz MF, Daugherty LE, Belmont K, Blumberg N. "Transfusion of cell saver salvaged blood in neonates and infants undergoing heart surgery significantly reduces RBC and coagulant product transfusions and donor exposures: results of a prospective, randomized, clinical trial." Pediatr Crit Care Med. 2013 Feb;14(2):137-47.


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Cholette JM, Powers KS, Alfieris GM, Angona R, Henrichs K, Masel D, Daugherty EL, Blumberg N. Cell Saver for volume replacement in children following cardiopulmonary bypass reduces the number of RBC and blood product transfusions and donor exposures. Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, 2013 13; 14 (2): 137-147.

Cholette JM, "Post-operative infusion of intra-operative cell salvage reduces allogeneic blood product transfusions and volume resuscitation in pediatric cardiac surgery and improves clinical outcomes." PI: Jill M. Cholette. Pediatric Critical Care Medicine 2013; 14(2): 137-147

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