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Golisano Children's Hospital is located within the Strong Memorial Hospital, a general hospital of eight stories with 800 inpatient beds. Pediatric inpatient services are located on the third and fourth floors. All ambulatory care for children is provided in the Ambulatory Care Facility. There is a 22-bed Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)/Cardiac Care Unit (CCU)/Intermediate Care unit (IMCU), normal newborn nursery and a 52-bed intensive care nursery.

Golisano Children's Hospital at Strong and Strong Memorial Hospital serve as a primary care and emergency medical facility for the community. Golisano Children's Hospital is a center for a population of 1.3 million who live in a radius of 150 miles. There are approximately 8,500 admissions to the pediatric services and 2,800 to the newborn services each year. Our Level IV NICU offers complete transport services for critically ill infants. The patient population is heterogeneous with regard to social background, place of residence (inner city, suburban, and rural), and medical needs (acute illness care, diagnostic evaluation, and management of chronic medical problems). All medical & surgical patients are managed by the pediatric staff.

Over 90,000 visits occur annually in the Ambulatory Care Facility, including general pediatric and subspecialty services. The Pediatric Practice at Strong consists of a multidisciplinary team composed of house officers, faculty, nurse practitioners, social workers, nurses, dietitians and secretaries dedicated to care for the over 23,000 annual visits. Each house officer develops by selection and assignment a panel of patients who are seen during regularly scheduled office hours, 1 to 2 half days each week.

Pediatric house officers also rotate through the Rochester Ronald McDonald House Children's Charities Pediatric Emergency Department. Greater than 20,000 pediatric visits are made to this facility annually.