William H. Bowen, Ph.D., D.Sc.

William H. Bowen, Ph.D., D.Sc.

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University of Rochester
School of Medicine and Dentistry
601 Elmwood Ave., Box 611
Rochester, NY 14642

Office: (585) 275-0772
Fax: (585) 276-0190
Lab: (585) 275-1436
Administrative: (585) 275-3441

Research Bio

Our research is focused on the molecular mechanisms involved in the colonization of surfaces by microorganisms. We are particularly interested in a group of enzymes, the glucosyltransferases, formed by oral streptococci, and which form glucan from sucrose. These enzymes have distinct properties on surfaces compared with those observed when the enzymes are in solution. For example, glucan with a distinct structure may be formed on a surface compared with the product formed by the same enzyme in solution. Thus highly specific binding sites for bacteria may be formed on a surface.

In addition, we are exploring the influence of low molecular weight oligosaccharides on the formation of glucan by glucosyltransferases. The use of food preservatives has increased enormously over the past several decades. They behave chemically in many respects much like fluoride. We are also exploring the influence of common food preservatives on the development of caries.

Awards & Honors (Local)

Lifetime Achievement in Mentoring Award, University of Rochester 2006
Honorary Member of American Dental Association 2004
Council on Scientific Affairs, American Dental Association 2001 - 2003
American Dental Association Gold Medal for Research 2000
E.W. Borrow Memorial Award, International Association for Dental Research 1999
Honorary M.D., Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland 1999
Arthur Kornberg Research Award, School of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Rochester Institute of Biomedical Sciences 1998
Swedish Patent Fund and Medical Research Council Award 1997
Member, Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences 1997
Doctor of Medicine honoris causa, The National University of Ireland 1995
Wellcome Visiting Professor in the Microbiological Sciences, University of Maryland 1993 - 1994
Doctor Odontologiae honoris causa, University of Umeå, Sweden 1993
Presidential Citation, American Dental Association, for significant contributions to the oral health of the public and to the profession of dentistry 1992
Member, Selection Committee, American Dental Association Gold Medal Award for Excellence in Dental Research 1991
Doctor Odontologiae honoris causa, University of Oslo, Norway 1991
Advisory Board, Archives of Oral Biology 1990 - Present
Fred Birnberg Alumni Award for Distinguished Dental Research, Columbia University, School of Dental and Oral Surgery, New York, NY 1990
Visiting Professorship in Nutrition, National Dairy Council 1989
Corresponding Referee, Medical Research Council in the Republic of South Africa (Oral Microbiology/Immunology) 1987
Who's Who in Technology Today 1986
Who's Who in Science 1986
Who's Who in America 1986
American Men and Women of Science 1985
Elected Fellow of American Association for Advancement of Science 1985
Who's Who in Frontiers of Science and Technology 1984 - 1985
Senior Executive Service Award for Excellence, Department of Health and Human Services 1982
International Association for Dental Research, Cariology Award 1981
Merit Award for Outstanding Service, NIH 1981
Editorial Board, Infection and Immunity 1980 - 1987
Keynote Speaker at James English Symposium, State University of New York at Buffalo, New York 1980
Honorary D.D.Sc., University of Göteborg 1980
European Organization for Caries Research Prize 1977
President, Cariology Group, International Association for Dental Research 1977
External Examiner for Ph.D., University of Oslo, Norway (also 1980, 1986, 1990, 1993, 1996) 1977
Elected Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons of England 1974
Dental Consultant, Pan American Health Organization 1972
Consultant to Dental Health Foundation, American Dental Association 1972
Consultant to Dental Health Foundation, American Dental Association 1972
Scientific Counsellor to ORCA 1971
Editorial Advisor to Journal of Dental Research 1971
Member of Scientific Board of Paradontologie 1971
Member of the Committee of the Comparative Medical Section of the Royal College of Medicine 1971
Postgraduate Lecturer, University of London 1970
Served on the Ministry of Health (UK) Panel on Cariogenic Foods (B.D.J. 126: 273) 1969
John Tomes Prize, Royal College of Surgeons, England 1965
Elected Fellow of Faculty of Dentistry, Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland 1965
Federation Dentaire Internationale Prize 1964
Colgate-Palmolive Prize, British Division of IADR 1963

Recent Journal Articles

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Current Appointments

Professor Emeritus - Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Center for Oral Biology (SMD) - Primary
Professor Emeritus - Department of Environmental Medicine (SMD)


DSc | Dentistry, All Other | Ireland-National U of Ireland1974
PhD | Dentistry, All Other | UK-U London Fac Med1965
DMSc | Dentistry, All Other | Univ Rochester Sch Med/Dent1959