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Charles E. Heckler, Ph.D., M.S.

Contact Information


Professional Background

I have a B.S. in Chemistry (RIT, 1973), M.S. in Applied Statistics (UR, 1981), and Ph.D. in Statistics (UR, 1989).

I have been a practicing statistician for over thirty years, and have expertise in many fields, including multivariate analysis, variance components, mixed models, longitudinal analysis, statistical learning, statistical graphics, exploratory analysis and statistical computing (R, SAS, JMP). I have been a key contributor to the design of all clinical trials submitted by the Cancer Control Unit in Radiation Oncology since 2006, and am responsible for the analysis and interpretation of our group's trials, as well as co-authoring publication of the results. In addition, I assist and mentor trainees in the National Cancer Institute Cancer Education and Career Development Program "Cancer Control Research Training Curriculum".

In addition to my current position in the Cancer Control unit, I teach statistical computing and exploratory analysis on an adjunct basis in the Fall semester for the Statistics Program in the Department of Mathematics.

Previous employment experience is detailed below:

***** Eastman Kodak Company, 1979 – 2006. *****

==> Kodak Research Laboratories:
Assisted the chemistry community in the application of statistical modeling to the understanding of chemical mechanisms, and discovery of superior materials. Was a technical resource to all areas of the company, especially in the area of multivariate modeling, data mining, and statistical graphics.

==> Quality Technology and Applied Statistics:
Unit director leading a core statistical technology group that supported the other statisticians in the division, and provided advanced statistical support to the company.
Sterling Winthrop Pharmaceuticals:
Member of a multidisciplinary team charged with developing technology to speed the discovery of new drugs, using structure-activity modeling. Developed a software system for multivariate modeling that is now widely used throughout Kodak.

==> Manufacturing Quality Assurance:
Supported worldwide sensitized goods manufacturing. Developed multivariate methodology and software for dealing with experiments with digitized curves and process control.
==> Clinical Diagnostics:
Provided statistical support for internal and external trade trials. Developed calibration models for several clinical analyzers, and software for the optimization of calibration systems.

**** University of Rochester Medical Center, 1971 – 1979. ****

==> Senior Applications Programmer:
Assisted in the planning of a laboratory information system. After the facility was built, directed its operations and support staff. Pursued an MS in Statistics part-time at the University.

++> Laboratory Technologist, Clinical Chemistry:
Started as a co-op student performing routine assays. Developed interest and expertise in statistics and computer technology. Set up an analysis and reporting system for quality control data, and assisted the faculty in the statistical analysis of their research data.


I have over thirty years of applications experience in biostatistics, industrial statistical modeling, and applications of statistical modeling to chemistry (chemometrics). Specific areas of interest and expertise include Computational Statistics, Data Mining;, Experimental Design, Multivariate Analysis, Longitudinal Modeling, Statistical Graphics, Structural Equation Modeling, Variance Components, Mixed Modeling, and Missing Data Analysis. I am skilled in several computer software systems including R, SAS, JMP, and also have experience in Perl, Fortran, and C++.



BS | Rochester Institute of Technology

MS | University of Rochester

MA | University of Rochester

PhD | University of Rochester


W.G. Cochran Memorial Prize, 1989


Journal Articles

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