Jay Reeder, Ph.D.

Jay Reeder, Ph.D.

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University of Rochester Medical Center
School of Medicine and Dentistry
601 Elmwood Ave, Box 648
Rochester, NY 14642


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Awards & Honors (Local)

New York Academy of Medicine, Edwin Beer Fellowship in Urology. Temporal Control of Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Activity in the Mouse Urothelium. 2002 - 2004


Intraopertive Sentinel Lymph Node (SLN) Detection Using Near Infrared Fluorescense (NIRF) after Intravesical Indocyanine Green (ICG) Administration in Patients with Bladder Cancer

United States Serial NO.: 11/775,037
Filed Date: July 9, 2007
Title: Pre- and Intra-Operative Imaging of Bladder Cancer
Invented by: Dragan Golijanin, Edward Messing, Aimee Johnson Henry, Jay Reeder, Ronald Wood
Beta-Catenin in Interstitial Cystitis

United States Serial NO.: 12/741,265
Filed Date: November 7, 2008
Title: Methods for Diagnosing and Treating Pelvic Pain Disorders Via Beta-Catenin
Invented by: Jay Reeder, Robert Mayer, Mary O'Connell

Recent Journal Articles

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2006 Aug 1
Wu C, Zhang L, Bourne PA, Reeder JE, di Sant'Agnese PA, Yao JL, Na Y, Huang J. "Protein tyrosine phosphatase PTP1B is involved in neuroendocrine differentiation of prostate cancer." The Prostate. 2006 Aug 1; 66(11):1125-35.
2006 Jun
Johnson AM, Conover DL, Huang J, Messing EM, Ning R, O'Connell MJ, Rossi MA, Sun TT, Wood RW, Wu XR, Reeder JE. "Early detection and measurement of urothelial tumors in mice." Urology. 2006 Jun; 67(6):1309-14.
2005 Jun
Huang J, Yao JL, Zhang L, Bourne PA, Quinn AM, di Sant'Agnese PA, Reeder JE. "Differential expression of interleukin-8 and its receptors in the neuroendocrine and non-neuroendocrine compartments of prostate cancer." The American journal of pathology. 2005 Jun; 166(6):1807-15.
Conover D.L.; Ning R.; Yu Y.; Lu X.; Wood R.; Reeder J.E.; Johnson A.M. "Small animal imaging using a flat panel detector-based cone beam computed tomography (FPD-CBCT) imaging system." Proc. SPIE (Medical Imaging). 2005; 5745: 307-318. Link
Abeysinghe H.R.; Li L.Q.; Guckert N.L.; Reeder J.; Wang N. "THY-1 induction is associated with up-regulation of fibronectin and thrombospondin-1 in human ovarian cancer." Cancer Genetics Cytogenetics. 2005; 161: 151-158. Link

Current Appointments

Research Assistant Professor (Part-Time) - Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology (SMD) - Primary


PhD | Pathology | University of Rochester1997
MS | Pathology | University of Rochester1992
BA | Biology | St Univ at Binghamton1980