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James L. Budd, M.D.

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1985 Feb
Budd JL, Wiegers SE, O'Hara JM. "Relapsing post-transfusion purpura. A preventable disease." The American journal of medicine. 1985 Feb; 78(2):361-2.
Budd JL; Panser RJ; Lictman MA; Griner PF. ""Predicting utility of the bone marrow exam in evaluation of hypoproliferative anemia"". Clinical Research. 1985; 33(2): 244A.
Budd JL, Rossof AH. "Drinking water lithium levels fail to predict for the incidences of acute or chronic granulocytic leukemia." Advances in experimental medicine and biology. 1980 127:411-6.


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