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Linda L. Matons, M.A.


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Journal Articles

Davidson PW, Houser KD, Cain NN, Sloane-Reeves J, Quijano L, Matons L, Giesow V, Ladrigan PM. "Characteristics of older adults with intellectual disabilities referred for crisis intervention." Journal of intellectual disability research : JIDR.. 1999 Feb 0; 43 ( Pt 1):38-46.

Books & Chapters

Chapter Title: Sustaining Inclusion Systems Change
Book Title: Making Inclusion Work for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Author List: Tristram Smith, PhD, Christine M. Burns, MEd, Robin Bender, LMSW, Tasha C. Geiger, LP, PhD, Caroline I. Magyar, PhD, Linda L. Matons, MA, David B. McAdam, PhD, Dennis Mozingo, PhD, Daniel W. Mruzek, PhD, Deborah A. Napolitano, PhD, Vincent Pandolfi, PhD, Christine Peterson, PhD, Laura Silverman, PhD, Betsy Varghese, MD
Published By: The Guilford Press2012 in New York