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Laura A. Cushman, Ph.D.

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Scherer,M. J.; Sax,C.; Vanbiervliet,A.; Cushman,L. A.; Scherer,J. V.;. "Predictors of assistive technology use: the importance of personal and psychosocial factors.[erratum appears in Disabil Rehabil. 2005 Dec 15;27(23):1461]". Disability & Rehabilitation. 2005; 27(21): 1321-1331. Link
2003 Dec 9
Monacelli AM, Cushman LA, Kavcic V, Duffy CJ. "Spatial disorientation in Alzheimer's disease: the remembrance of things passed." Neurology. 2003 Dec 9; 61(11):1491-7.
2002 Jun
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Scherer,M. J.; Cushman,L. A.;. "Determining the content for an interactive training programme and interpretive guidelines for the Assistive Technology Device Predisposition Assessment". Disability & Rehabilitation. 2002; 24(1-3): 126-130. Link
2001 Nov
O'Brien HL, Tetewsky SJ, Avery LM, Cushman LA, Makous W, Duffy CJ. "Visual mechanisms of spatial disorientation in Alzheimer's disease." Cerebral cortex. 2001 Nov; 11(11):1083-92.
Scherer,M. J.; Cushman,L. A.;. "Measuring subjective quality of life following spinal cord injury: a validation study of the assistive technology device predisposition assessment". Disability & Rehabilitation. 2001; 23(9): 387-393. Link
2000 Dec
Scherer MJ, Cushman LA. "Predicting satisfaction with assistive technology for a sample of adults with new spinal cord injuries." Psychological reports. 2000 Dec; 87(3 Pt 1):981-7.
1996 Dec
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Cushman LA, Scherer MJ. "Measuring the relationship of assistive technology use, functional status over time, and consumer-therapist perceptions of ATs." Assistive technology : the official journal of RESNA. 1996 8(2):103-9.
1994 Jan
Wagner MT, Cushman LA. "Neuroanatomic and neuropsychological predictors of unawareness of cognitive deficit in the vascular population." Archives of clinical neuropsychology : the official journal of the National Academy of Neuropsychologists. 1994 Jan; 9(1):57-69.
Wagner,M. T.; Cushman,L. A.;. "Functional significance of the subcortical vascular syndrome in the rehabilitative setting". Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. 1994; 75(2): 193-197. Link
1992 Oct
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1991 Dec
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1990 Oct
Cushman LA, Good RG, States JD. "Psychiatric disorders and motor vehicle accidents." Psychological reports. 1990 Oct; 67(2):483-9.
1990 Jul
Dijkers M, Cushman LA. "Differences between rehabilitation disciplines in views of depression in spinal cord injury patients." Paraplegia. 1990 Jul; 28(6):380-91.
1990 Mar
Cushman LA, Dijkers MP. "Depressed mood in spinal cord injured patients: staff perceptions and patient realities." Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation. 1990 Mar; 71(3):191-6.
States,J. D.; Annechiarico,R. P.; Good,R. G.; Lieou,J.; Andrews,M.; Cushman,L.; Ingersoll,G.;. "A time comparison study of the New York State Safety Belt Use Law utilizing hospital admission and police accident report information". Accident Analysis & Prevention. 1990; 22(6): 509-521. Link
1988 Jan
Cushman LA. "Effects of lateralized presentation on levels of processing in memory." The International journal of neuroscience. 1988 Jan; 38(1-2):75-87.
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Cushman LA, Caine ED. "A controlled study of processing of semantic and syntactic information in Alzheimer's disease." Archives of clinical neuropsychology : the official journal of the National Academy of Neuropsychologists. 1987 2(3):283-92.
1984 Sep
Cushman L, Brinkman SD, Ganji S, Jacobs LA. "Neuropsychological impairment after carotid endarterectomy correlates with intraoperative ischemia." Cortex; a journal devoted to the study of the nervous system and behavior. 1984 Sep; 20(3):403-12.