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Nancy Chin, Ph.D., M.P.H.

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Nancy Perini Chin is an anthropologist with training in population health. Her work examines the relationships between society, culture, and health with special attention to the effects of gender dynamics. She has developed expertise in ethnographic, qualitative research with the goal of better understanding the links between higher order social and political processes and community health. Professor Chin has used this approach to contribute to studies on tobacco control in the Dominican Republic, gender and health in Antarctica, child health in Bolivia, community breastfeeding support in Rochester, NY's low-income neighborhoods, and women's health in Ladakh and Tibet. Currently, she directs a community-based participatory project in Ladakh, India on tobacco control among adolescents, in collaboration with the Leh Department of Health. This project also provides the opportunity to offer a mentored field experience to University of Rochester undergraduate public health majors, as well as Ladakhi high school graduates.
More recently, Professor Chin has been working with communities and students to develop a new line of community health research focused on community trauma recovery after a natural disaster. Two mountain communities, one in the Italian Dolomites, the other in Western Himalayas of Ladakh, provide the venues for understanding the processes and elements of successful recovery after catastrophic landslides. During her sabbatical (January-June 2013), Professor Chin will conduct field work at both sites using theoretical insights from anthropology, psychology, and public health.
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BS | SUNY College at Buffalo
Medical Technology

MA | University of Rochester

MPH | University of Rochester
Public Health

PhD | University of Rochester


The Story of the Boar (Reader) at the Annual Boar's Head Feast
Sponsor: University of Rochester

Best Undergraduate Social Science Teacher
Sponsor: University of Rochester
Location: Rochester, NY

Kluge Trauma and Emergency Services Award
Sponsor: Publication Award to Contributors of Emergency Services

Teaching Award: Hoffman Faculty Mentor

Teaching Award: Hoffman Faculty Mentor

2000 - Present
Fellow, Society for Applied Anthropology

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Journal Articles

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Chin NP, Cuculick J, Starr M, Panko T, Widanka H, Dozier A. "Deaf mothers and breastfeeding: Do unique features of deaf culture and language support breastfeeding success?" . J Hum Lact. 2013; : PMCID PMC4112581.

Books & Chapters

Chapter Title: The Dangers of "Baring" the Breast: Structural Violence and Formula Feeding Among Low-Income Women
Book Title: Beyond Health, Beyond Choice: Breastfeeding Constraints and Realities
Author List: Chin, N.P., Dozier, A.
Edited By: Smith, P.H., Hausman, B.L., Labbok, M.
Published By: Rutgers University Press, NJ 2012

Chapter Title: Women's life narratives: Implications for child survival in Himalayan Buddhist villages
Book Title: Modern Ladakh: Continuity and change in anthropological perspective
Author List: Chin, N.P., Dye, T.D. & Lee, R.M.
Edited By: F. Pirie and M. van Beek, eds
Published By: Leiden: Brill 2008

Chapter Title: Community Based Research in Protecting Study Volunteers in Research
Book Title: Protecting Study Volunteers in Research: A Manual for Investigative Sites
Author List: Chin, N. & Dozier, A.
Edited By: C.M., & Chadwick, G.L
Published By: CenterWatch, Inc 2002 in Boston, MA