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2013 Jan
Gunter TE, Gerstner B, Gunter KK, Malecki J, Gelein R, Valentine WM, Aschner M, Yule DI. "Manganese transport via the transferrin mechanism." Neurotoxicology. 2013 Jan; 34:118-27. Epub 2012 Nov 09.
2010 Nov 15
Gunter TE, Gerstner B, Lester T, Wojtovich AP, Malecki J, Swarts SG, Brookes PS, Gavin CE, Gunter KK. "An analysis of the effects of Mn2+ on oxidative phosphorylation in liver, brain, and heart mitochondria using state 3 oxidation rate assays." Toxicology and applied pharmacology. 2010 Nov 15; 249(1):65-75. Epub 2010 Aug 26.
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Gunter KK, Aschner M, Miller LM, Eliseev R, Salter J, Anderson K, Gunter TE. "Determining the oxidation states of manganese in NT2 cells and cultured astrocytes." Neurobiology of aging. 2006 27(12):1816-26. Epub 2005 Nov 14.
2005 Jul 15
Gunter KK, Aschner M, Miller LM, Eliseev R, Salter J, Anderson K, Hammond S, Gunter TE. "Determining the oxidation states of manganese in PC12 and nerve growth factor-induced PC12 cells." Free radical biology & medicine. 2005 Jul 15; 39(2):164-81. Epub 2005 Mar 31.
2004 Jan
Gunter TE, Miller LM, Gavin CE, Eliseev R, Salter J, Buntinas L, Alexandrov A, Hammond S, Gunter KK. "Determination of the oxidation states of manganese in brain, liver, and heart mitochondria." Journal of neurochemistry. 2004 Jan; 88(2):266-80.
2003 Oct 1
Eliseev RA, Gunter KK, Gunter TE. "Bcl-2 prevents abnormal mitochondrial proliferation during etoposide-induced apoptosis." Experimental cell research. 2003 Oct 1; 289(2):275-81.
2003 Apr 18
Eliseev RA, Salter JD, Gunter KK, Gunter TE. "Bcl-2 and tBid proteins counter-regulate mitochondrial potassium transport." Biochimica et biophysica acta. 2003 Apr 18; 1604(1):1-5.
2002 Jun 10
Zuscik MJ, D'Souza M, Ionescu AM, Gunter KK, Gunter TE, O'Keefe RJ, Schwarz EM, Puzas JE, Rosier RN. "Growth plate chondrocyte maturation is regulated by basal intracellular calcium." Experimental cell research. 2002 Jun 10; 276(2):310-9.
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2001 May
Gunter KK, Gunter TE. "Measurements of intracellular free calcium concentration in biological systems." Current protocols in toxicology. 2001 May; Chapter 2:Unit 2.5.
2001 Apr 2
Buntinas L, Gunter KK, Sparagna GC, Gunter TE. "The rapid mode of calcium uptake into heart mitochondria (RaM): comparison to RaM in liver mitochondria." Biochimica et biophysica acta. 2001 Apr 2; 1504(2-3):248-61.
Eliseev, R.A.; Gunter, K.K.; Gunter, T.E.;. "Bcl-2 sensitive mitochondrial potassium accumulation and". Mitochondrion. 2001; 1504(3): 248-61. Link
2000 Jul
Chen K, Gunter K, Maines MD. "Neurons overexpressing heme oxygenase-1 resist oxidative stress-mediated cell death." Journal of neurochemistry. 2000 Jul; 75(1):304-13.
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1995 Nov 17
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1994 Aug
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1994 May 15
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1994 Mar
Baysal K, Jung DW, Gunter KK, Gunter TE, Brierley GP. "Na(+)-dependent Ca2+ efflux mechanism of heart mitochondria is not a passive Ca2+/2Na+ exchanger." The American journal of physiology. 1994 Mar; 266(3 Pt 1):C800-8.
Zuscik MJ, Puzas JE, Rosier RN, Gunter KK, Gunter TE. "Cyclic-AMP-dependent protein kinase activity is not required by parathyroid hormone to stimulate phosphoinositide signaling in chondrocytes but is required to transduce the hormone's proliferative effect." Archives of biochemistry and biophysics. 1994 315(2):352-61.


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