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Elizabeth M. Cooper, Ed.D.


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Lee S, Guillet R, Cooper EM, Westerman M, Orlando M, Pressman E, O'Brien KO. "Maternal inflammation at delivery affects assessment of maternal iron status." The Journal of nutrition.. 2014 Oct 0; 144(10):1524-32. Epub 2014 Jul 30.

Whisner CM, Young BE, Witter FR, Harris ZL, Queenan RA, Cooper EM, O'Brien KO. "Reductions in heel bone quality across gestation are attenuated in pregnant adolescents with higher prepregnancy weight and greater increases in PTH across gestation." Journal of bone and mineral research : the official journal of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research.. 2014 Sep 0; 29(9):2109-17.

Cao C, Pressman EK, Cooper EM, Guillet R, Westerman M, O'Brien KO. "Placental heme receptor LRP1 correlates with the heme exporter FLVCR1 and neonatal iron status." Reproduction : the official journal of the Society for the Study of Fertility.. 2014 Sep 0; 148(3):295-302. Epub 2014 Jun 19.

O'Brien KO, Li S, Cao C, Kent T, Young BV, Queenan RA, Pressman EK, Cooper EM. "Placental CYP27B1 and CYP24A1 expression in human placental tissue and their association with maternal and neonatal calcitropic hormones." The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism.. 2014 Apr 0; 99(4):1348-56. Epub 2014 Jan 28.

Young, BE; Cooper, EM; McIntyre, AW; Kent, t; Witter, F; Harris, ZL; O'Brien, KO. "Placental vitamin D receptor (VDR) expression is related to neonatal vitamin D status, placental clacium transfer, and fetal bone length in pregnant adolescents." FASEB J. 2014; 28.

Lunish RA, Young BL, Lee S, Cooper E, Pressman E. Guillet R, O'Brien KO. "Gestational iron deficiency is associated with pica behaviors in adolescents." J Nutr. 2014; 144(10): 1533-9.

Young BE, McNanley TJ, Cooper EM, McIntyre AW, Witter F, Harris ZL, O'Brien KO. "Vitamin D insufficiency is prevalent and vitamin D is inversely associated with parathyroid hormone and calcitriol in pregnant adolescents." Journal of bone and mineral research : the official journal of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research.. 2012 Jan 0; 27(1):177-86.

Young, BE; McNanley, TJ; Cooper, EM; McIntyre, AW; Witter, G; Harris, ZL; O'Brien, KO. "Maternal vitamin D status and calcium intake interact to affect fetal skeletal growth in utero in pregnant adolescents." American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 2012; 95: 1103-1112.

Essley, BV; McNanley, T; Cooper, E; McIntyre, AW; Witter, F; Harris, ZL; O'Brien, KO. "Osteoprotegerin (OPG) differs by race and is related to infant birth weight Z-score in pregnant adolescents." Journal of Developmental Origian of Health and Disease. 2011; 2: 272-279.

Jaacks, LM; Young, MG; Essley, BV; McNanley, TJ; Cooper, EM; Pressman, EK; McIntyre, AW; Orlando, MS; Abkowitz, JL; Guillet, R; O'Brien, KO. "Placental expression of the heme transported, feline leukemia virus subgroup c receptor, is related to maternal iron status in pregnancy adolescents,". Journal of Nutrition. 2011; 141: 1267-1272.

Young, MF; Pressman, e; Foehr, ML; McNanley, T; Cooper, E' Guillet, R; Orlando, M; McIntyre, AW; Lafond, J. "Impact of Maternal and neonatal iron status on placental transferrin receptor expression." Placenta. 2010; 31(11): 1010-1014.

Young, MF; Griffin, I; Pressman, E; McIntyre, A; Cooper, E; McNanley, T; Harris, ZL; Westerman, M; O'Brien, KO. "Utilization of iron from an animal-based iron source is greater than that of ferrous sulfate in pregnant and non-pregnant women,". Journal of Nutrition. 2010; 140(12): 2162-6.

Cooper, E. "Innovative midwifery teaching for medical students and residents." Journal of Midwifery and Women's Health. 2009; 54(4): 5.

Young, MF; Foehr, M; McNanley, T; Cooper, E; McIntryre, A; Orlando, M; Lafond, J; O"Brien, KO. "Role of maternal/fetal iron status on placental transferrin receptor expression." FASEB J. 2009; 23:105.

O'Brien, KO; Essley, BV; Cooper, E; McIntyre, AW; Witter, FR; Kent, T; McNanley, T. "Suboptimal vitamin D status in pregnancy adolescents is associated with neonatal vitamin D insufficiency." J Bone and MIneral Research. 2008; 23: S133.

Cooper, E., Strong Memorial Hospital triage; In Angelini, D (Ed). "Obstetric Triage in Ten US Midwifery Practices". Journal of Nurse-Midwifery. 1999; : 44 (5): 507-509.

Cooper, E. "Credentialing and privileging nurse-midwives". Journal of Nursing Care Quality. 1998; : 12 (4): 30-35.

Sherer, D.M.; Cooper, E.M.; Spoor, C.; Serletti, B.L.; Woods, J.R. "Resolution of marked intrapartum fetal tachycardia following intravenous nalbuphone hydrochloride." American Journal of Perinatology. 1994; : 11: 367-68.

Cooper, E.M. "The effect of gender and education on obstetric practitioners' attitues toward psychosocial aspects of patient care and patient self-determination (Doctoral dissertation)". Disertation Abstracts International. 1993; : 53 (8): 4014-418.

Fullar, S.A.;Lum, B.; Sprik, M.G.; Cooper, E.M.;. "A small group can go a long way". Journal of Maternal-Child Nursing. 1988; : 13: 414-418.

Forman, A.; Cooper, E.M. "Legislation and nurse-midwifery practice in the United States (Entire Issue)". Journal of Nurse-Midwifery. 1976; : 12 (2).

Books & Chapters

Chapter Title: Prenatal Care for the Pregnant Adolescent
Book Title: Pregnancy in Adolescence: Needs, Problems, and Management
Author List: Stuart I, & Wells C, Eds.
Edited By: Stuart, IR and Wells, CF
Published By: Van Nostrand Reinhold1982 in New York