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2010 Jan
Nofziger AC, Naumburg EH, Davis BJ, Mooney CJ, Epstein RM. "Impact of peer assessment on the professional development of medical students: a qualitative study." Academic medicine : journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges. 2010 Jan; 85(1):140-7.
2008 Jul
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2007 Nov
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2007 Jan
Lurie SJ, Lambert DR, Nofziger AC, Epstein RM, Grady-Weliky TA. "Relationship between peer assessment during medical school, dean's letter rankings, and ratings by internship directors." Journal of general internal medicine. 2007 Jan; 22(1):13-6.
2006 Nov
Lurie SJ, Nofziger AC, Meldrum S, Mooney C, Epstein RM. "Effects of rater selection on peer assessment among medical students." Medical education. 2006 Nov; 40(11):1088-97.
2006 Sep
Lurie SJ, Nofziger AC, Meldrum S, Mooney C, Epstein RM. "Temporal and group-related trends in peer assessment amongst medical students." Medical education. 2006 Sep; 40(9):840-7.
2006 Apr
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