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James L. Soltys, D.D.S.

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105 W Main Street
Victor, NY 14564

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Almog DV, Meitner SW, Even-Henn N, Grant JP, Soltys JL. "Use of interdisciplinary team approach in establishing esthetic restorative dentistry." NYSDJ 2005: 71(5) p44-47. 2005; 71: 44-47. Link
Castellon P, Potiket N, Soltys JL, Johnson J, Zavela J. "All-ceramic restorative system for esthetic implant supported crowns: in vitro and clinical case report." Compend Contin Educ Dent 2003: 24 (9) p673-6,678,680-3. 2003; . Link
Galindo D, Soltys JL, Graser GN. "Long term reinforced fixed provisional restorations." J Prosthetic Dent 1998:79 (6) p698-701. 1998; 79(6): 698-701. Link
Jensen O.E., Soltys, J.L. "Six month clinical evaluation of prefabricated veneer restorations after partial enamel removal." J Oral Rehab. 1986; 13: 49-55. Link