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Barbara A. Gawinski, Ph.D.


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Journal Articles

Sukhera J, Cerulli C, Gawinski BA, Morse D. "Bridging Prevention and Health: Exploring Community Perceptions of Intimate Partner Violence in Rural Honduras." Journal of family violence.. 2012 Oct 0; 27(7):707-714.

Greenberg M, Herbitter C, Gawinski BA, Fletcher J, Gold M. "Barriers and enablers to becoming abortion providers: the reproductive health program." Family medicine.. 2012 44(7):493-500.

Gawinski, B.; Rosenberg, T. "Becoming a medical family therapist: Tips for Getting Started." Family therapy Magazine. 2011; .

Rosenberg, T.; Brown, E.; Gawinski, BA. "Multidisciplinary Intervention for Failure to Thrive-Casebook". Family Systems and Health. 2008; 25(4): 365-371.

Lurie SJ, Gawinski B, Pierce D, Rousseau SJ. "Seasonal affective disorder." American family physician.. 2006 Nov 1; 74(9):1521-4.

Gawinski, B. A., Bennett, P. A., Rousseau, S. J., & Schaff, E. "A biopsychosocial model of training in abortion care." Families, Systems & Health. 2002; 20(4): 439-446.

Gawinski BA, Edwards TM, Speice J. "A family therapy internship in a multidisciplinary healthcare setting: trainees' and supervisor's reflections." Journal of marital and family therapy.. 1999 Oct 0; 25(4):469-84.

Lorenz AD. Mauksch LB. Gawinski BA. . "Models of collaboration." Primary Care: Clinics in Office Practice. 1999; 26: 401-410.

Epstein RM, Cole DR, Gawinski BA, Piotrowski-Lee S, Ruddy NB. "How students learn from community-based preceptors." Archives of family medicine.. 1998 7(2):149-54.

Shields, C.G., Wynne, L.C., McDaniel, S.H. & Gawinski, B.A. "Conceptual and structural marginalization: Challenges and opportunities for the field of family therapy. (A rejoiner to Hardy and Anderson)." Journal of Marital and Family Therapy. 1994; 20: 297-300.

Shields, C.G., Wynne, L.C., McDaniel, S.H. & Gawinski, B.A. "The marginalization of family therapy: A historical but continuing problem." Journal of Marital and Family Therapy. 1994; 20: 117-138.

Morris, J., Gawinski, B. A. & Joanning, H. "The therapist-investigator relationship in family therapy research." Journal of Systemic Therapies. 1994; 13: 24-28.

Seaburn, D., Gawinski, B., Harp, J., McDaniel, S., Shields, C. & Waxman, D. "Family systems therapy in a primary care medical setting: The Rochester experience." Journal of Marital and Family Therapy. 1993; 19: 177-190.

Morris, J., Gawinski, B. A., & Joanning, H. "Five strategies for enlisting family involvement in adolescent substance abuse treatment." Journal of Family Psychotherapy. 1991; 2(4): 41-46.

Gawinski, B. A. & Mitchell, T. S. "Family therapy in family medicine: An internship opportunity." Family Therapy News. 1991; 22(3): 7-8.

Gawinski, B. A. "Five families' descriptions of experiences with a social service agency: A mini- ethnography of father-daughter incest. Doctoral dissertation, Texas Tech University,". Dissertation Abstracts International. 1988; 48(2290B).

Joanning, H., Gawinski, B. A., Morris, J., & Quinn, W. "Organizing a social ecology to treat adolescent drug abuse." Journal of Strategic and Systemic Therapies. 1986; 5(4): 55-61.

Gawinski, B. A. "The incestuous family part II: Intervention techniques with the incestuous family." Network. 1985; 4(2): 1-6.

Gawinski, B. A. "The incestuous family part I: Understanding incestuous family patterns." Network. 1984; 4(1): 4.

Martin, D. V., Gawinski, B. A., & Medler, B. W. "Premarital counseling using group process." Journal for Specialists in Group Work,. 1982; 7: 102-108.

Martin, D. V., Gawinski, B. A., Medler, B. W., & Eddy, J. P. "A group premarital counseling workshop for high school couples." The School Counselor. 1981; 23: 223-226.

Martin, D. V., & Gawinski, B. A. "How live-in professionals maintain a marital relationship." The Journal of College and University Student Housing. 1980; 10: 30-31.

Martin, D. V., Cherrey, C., & Gawinski B. A. "Experiential team building for student leaders in union activities and residence halls." ERIC Resources in Education. 1979; .

Smith E. D., Settle, P., & Gawinski, B. A. "Intelligence and organization in memory scanning for trigrams." Psychological Reports,. 1979; 44: 231-236.

Books & Chapters

Chapter Title: Protecting the Family: Domestic Violence and the Primary Care Clinician.
Book Title: Family-Oriented Primary Care 2nd ed.
Author List: Gawinski, B. & Ruddy, N.
Edited By: S. H. McDaniel, T. L. Campbell, J Hepworth, A Lorenz
Published By: Springer.2005 in New York

Chapter Title: Suicidal risk.
Book Title: The 10-Minute Diagnosis Manual: Symptoms and Signs in the Time-Limited Encounter
Author List: Gawinski B.
Edited By: RB Taylor (Ed.)
Published By: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins2000 in Philadelphia, PA

Chapter Title: Models of Collaboration
Book Title: Primary Care: Clinics in Office Practice - Mental Health
Author List: Lorenz, A. D., Mauksch, L. B. & Gawinski, B. A.
Edited By: R. Stuart & J. A. Lieberman, III (Ed.)
Published By: W.B. Saunders Company1999 in Philadelphia

Chapter Title: Collaboration in action: Key strategies for behavioral health providers.
Book Title: Behavioral health in primary care: A guide for clinical integration.
Author List: Gunn, Jr. W. B., Seaburn, D. B., Lorenz, A. D., Gawinski, B. A. & Mauksch, L. B.
Edited By: N. A. Cummings, J. L. Cummings, and J. N. Johnson (Eds.)
Published By: Psychosocial Press/International Universities Press, Inc.1997 in Madison, CT

Chapter Title: Mothering without a mother: Pregnancy loss
Book Title: The Shared Experience of Illness:Stories of Patients, Families,&their Therapists
Author List: Gawinski, B. A. Translated in Chinese. Taipei, Taiwan, 2003. Translated in Japanese.Tokyo: Shogensha Publishers, 2003 Translated as Hamachale Kichovaya Mishutephet, Jerusalem Israel: Dyonon Publishers, 2002.
Edited By: S. H. McDaniel, J. Hepworth, and W. Doherty (Eds.)
Published By: Basic Books.1997 in New York

Chapter Title: How students learn from ambulatory preceptors: Critical Incidents.
Book Title: A.J.J.A. Scherpbier, Advances in Medical Education.
Author List: Epstein, R. M., Cole, D., Gawinski, B., Ruddy, N., & Lee, S.
Edited By: C.P.M. vander Vleuten, J.J. Rethans, & A.F.W. van der Steeg. (Eds.)
Published By: Kluwer Academic Publishers.1997 in Dordrecht:

Book Title: Models of collaboration: A guide for mental health professionals working with he
Author List: Seaburn, D. B., Lorenz, A. D., Gunn, Jr., W. B., Gawinski, B. A. & Mauksch, L. B.
Published By: Basic Books1996 in New York

Chapter Title: Protecting the Family: Child Abuse and Primary Care. Collaborative Chapter Translated as Orientación Familiar en Atencion Primaria. Barcelona, Spain: Springer Publishers, 1997.
Book Title: Family-oriented primary care: A manual for medical providers.
Author List: Gawinski, B. A.
Edited By: McDaniel, S. H., Campbell, T. C., and Seaburn, D.
Published By: Springer-Verlag1990 in New York

Chapter Title: Developing leadership skills in student development staff.
Book Title: College student personnel development administration, and counseling (2nd ed.)
Author List: Martin, D. V., & Gawinski, B. A.
Edited By: J. P. Eddy, J. Dameron, & D. Borland (Eds.)
Published By: University Press of America.1980 in Lanham, MD