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Mary E. Wines-Samuelson, Ph.D.

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University of Rochester Medical Center
School of Medicine and Dentistry
601 Elmwood Ave, Box 675
Rochester, NY 14642

Office: (585) 273-2409
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2010 Apr 15
Wines-Samuelson M, Schulte EC, Smith MJ, Aoki C, Liu X, Kelleher RJ, Shen J. "Characterization of age-dependent and progressive cortical neuronal degeneration in presenilin conditional mutant mice." PloS one. 2010 Apr 15; 5(4):e10195. Epub 2010 Apr 15.
2009 Jul 30
Zhang C, Wu B, Beglopoulos V, Wines-Samuelson M, Zhang D, Dragatsis I, S├╝dhof TC, Shen J. "Presenilins are essential for regulating neurotransmitter release." Nature. 2009 Jul 30; 460(7255):632-6.
2007 Oct
Del Barrio MG, Taveira-Marques R, Muroyama Y, Yuk DI, Li S, Wines-Samuelson M, Shen J, Smith HK, Xiang M, Rowitch D, Richardson WD. "A regulatory network involving Foxn4, Mash1 and delta-like 4/Notch1 generates V2a and V2b spinal interneurons from a common progenitor pool." Development. 2007 Oct; 134(19):3427-36. Epub 2007 Aug 29.
Yang X, Tomita T, Wines-Samuelson M, Beglopoulos V, Tansey MG, Kopan R, Shen J. "Notch1 signaling influences v2 interneuron and motor neuron development in the spinal cord." Developmental neuroscience. 2006 28(1-2):102-17.
2005 Oct
Wines-Samuelson M, Shen J. "Presenilins in the developing, adult, and aging cerebral cortex." The Neuroscientist : a review journal bringing neurobiology, neurology and psychiatry. 2005 Oct; 11(5):441-51.
2005 Jan 15
Wines-Samuelson M, Handler M, Shen J. "Role of presenilin-1 in cortical lamination and survival of Cajal-Retzius neurons." Developmental biology. 2005 Jan 15; 277(2):332-46.
2003 Feb 7
Hsieh JC, Lee L, Zhang L, Wefer S, Brown K, DeRossi C, Wines ME, Rosenquist T, Holdener BC. "Mesd encodes an LRP5/6 chaperone essential for specification of mouse embryonic polarity." Cell. 2003 Feb 7; 112(3):355-67.
2002 Aug
Barrow LL, Wines ME, Romitti PA, Holdener BC, Murray JC. "Aryl hydrocarbon receptor nuclear translocator 2 (ARNT2): structure, gene mapping, polymorphisms, and candidate evaluation for human orofacial clefts." Teratology. 2002 Aug; 66(2):85-90.
2001 Nov
Giese KP, Friedman E, Telliez JB, Fedorov NB, Wines M, Feig LA, Silva AJ. "Hippocampus-dependent learning and memory is impaired in mice lacking the Ras-guanine-nucleotide releasing factor 1 (Ras-GRF1)." Neuropharmacology. 2001 Nov; 41(6):791-800.
2001 Feb 15
Wines ME, Lee L, Katari MS, Zhang L, DeRossi C, Shi Y, Perkins S, Feldman M, McCombie WR, Holdener BC. "Identification of mesoderm development (mesd) candidate genes by comparative mapping and genome sequence analysis." Genomics. 2001 Feb 15; 72(1):88-98.
2000 Sep 15
Wines ME, Shi Y, Lindor M, Holdener BC. "Physical localization of the mesoderm development (mesd) functional region." Genomics. 2000 Sep 15; 68(3):322-9.
1998 Jul 15
Wines ME, Tiffany AM, Holdener BC. "Physical localization of the mouse aryl hydrocarbon receptor nuclear translocator-2 (Arnt2) gene within the c112K deletion." Genomics. 1998 Jul 15; 51(2):223-32.
1998 Mar
Tarver AP, Clark DP, Diamond G, Russell JP, Erdjument-Bromage H, Tempst P, Cohen KS, Jones DE, Sweeney RW, Wines M, Hwang S, Bevins CL. "Enteric beta-defensin: molecular cloning and characterization of a gene with inducible intestinal epithelial cell expression associated with Cryptosporidium parvum infection." Infection and immunity. 1998 Mar; 66(3):1045-56.