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Alan D. Lorenz, M.D.


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Journal Articles

Campbell TL, McDaniel SH, Cole-Kelly K, Hepworth J, Lorenz A. "Family interviewing: a review of the literature in primary care." Family medicine.. 2002 May 0; 34(5):312-8.

Lorenz, A. "The Life Cycle of the Doctor-Patient Relationship: The Middle Years". Medical Encounter. 2000; 15(3).

Lorenz, A. "The Belay of Collaboration, Reflections". Families, Systems & Health,. 1999; 17(1).

Lorenz, A. "Commentary". Families, Systems & Health. 1996; 14(4): 463-464.

Seaburn, Lorenz, Campbell & Winfield. "A Mother's Death: Family Stories of Illness, Loss, and Healing". Families, Systems & Health,. 1996; 14(2).

McDaniel, Lorenz, Waxman, Kotze. "Taking it Like a Man: Stories of Men in Family Therapy". American Journal of Family Therapy. 1995; 23(4).

Lorenz, A. "Commentary -on Medical Family Therapy Casebook". Family Systems Medicine. 1994; 12(1).

Seaburn, Lorenz, Kaplan. "The Transgenerational Development of Chronic Illness Meanings". Family Systems Medicine. 1992; 10(4).

Books & Chapters

Book Title: Family-Oriented Primary Care, Second Edition
Author List: McDaniel, S., Campbell, T., Hepworth, J., Lorenz, A.
Published By: Springer-Verlag2005 in New York

Chapter Title: "Developing a Family-Oriented Primary Care Education in a Family Medicine Residency: The Rochester Experience,"
Book Title: Integrating Behavioral Health into Graduate Medical Education
Author List: Lorenz, A., McDaniel, S., Gawinski, B.
Edited By: Ed.s Shisslak, C & Lebensohn, P.
Published By: Harren2005 in Tucson, Arizona.

Chapter Title: Chapter VI, Genitourinary and Reproductive Functions
Book Title: Procedural Manual and Guide for a Standardized Application of the International
Author List: Lorenz, A - joint product of the World Health Organization and the American Psychological Association
Published By: World Health Organization and the American Psychological Association2004

Chapter Title: Models of Collaboration, - Chapter 12
Book Title: Primary Care: Clinics in Office Practice -- Mental Health
Author List: Lorenz, A., Mauksch, L., Gawinski, B.
Edited By: Stuart, M., Lieberman, J.
Published By: W. B. Saunders1999 in Philadelphia

Chapter Title: A chapter in Among These Stones: Death Stories by Family Doctors,
Book Title: Among These Stones: Death Stories by Family Doctors,
Author List: Lorenz, A
Published By: Ambulatory Sentinel Practice Network,1998 in Denver, CO

Chapter Title: Collaboration in Action: Key Strategies for Mental Health Providers,
Book Title: Behavioral Health in Primary Care: A Guide for Clinical Integration
Author List: Gunn, W., Seaburn, D., Lorenz, A., Gawinski, B., Mauksch, L.
Edited By: Cummings, N. A., Cummings, J. C., Johnson, J. N., (Ed.s)
Published By: Psychosocial Press1997 in Madison, CT

Chapter Title: "Working Together to Get Control: Treating Encopresis,"
Book Title: The Shared Experience of Illness: Stories of Patients, Families, and Their Thera
Author List: McDaniel S., Hepworth, J. & Doherty, W.
Published By: Basic Books1997 in New York

Book Title: Models of Collaboration: A Guide for Mental Health Professionals
Author List: Seaburn, D., Lorenz, A., Gunn, W., Gawinski, B., Mauksch, L.
Published By: Basic Books1996 in New York