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Mariesa H. Howe, M.D.

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2000 Oct
Shapiro RE, Winters B, Hales M, Barnett T, Schwinn DA, Flavahan N, Berkowitz DE. "Endogenous circulating sympatholytic factor in orthostatic intolerance." Hypertension. 2000 Oct; 36(4):553-60.
1999 Oct
Nyhan D, Gaine S, Hales M, Zanaboni P, Simon BA, Berkowitz D, Flavahan N. "Pulmonary vascular endothelial responses are differentially modulated after cardiopulmonary bypass." Journal of cardiovascular pharmacology. 1999 Oct; 34(4):518-25.
1998 Aug
Flavahan NA, Hales MA, Aleskowitch TD, Gaine SP, Vanhoutte PM. "Alpha1L-adrenoceptors in canine pulmonary artery." Journal of cardiovascular pharmacology. 1998 Aug; 32(2):308-16.
Gaine, S.P.; Hales, M.A. ; Flavahan, N.A. "Hypoxic pulmonary endothelial cells release a diffusible contractile factor distinct from endothelin." American Journal of Physiology: Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology. 1998; 274(4): L657-L664. Link