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William Thompson Cave, M.D.


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Journal Articles

Cave WT. "Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in rodent models of breast cancer." Breast cancer research and treatment.. 1997 46(2-3):239-46.

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Cave WT. "Omega 3 fatty acid diet effects on tumorigenesis in experimental animals." World review of nutrition and dietetics.. 1991 66:462-76.

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Omoigui NA, Cave WT, Chang AY. "Adrenal insufficiency. A rare initial sign of metastatic colon carcinoma." Journal of clinical gastroenterology.. 1987 Aug 0; 9(4):470-4.

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Israel RH, Poe RH, Cave WT, Greenblatt DW, DePapp Z. "Hyperthyroidism protects against carbachol-induced bronchospasm." Chest.. 1987 Feb 0; 91(2):242-5.

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Cave WT, Erickson-Lucas MJ. "Effects of dietary lipids on lactogenic hormone receptor binding in rat mammary tumors." Journal of the National Cancer Institute.. 1982 Feb 0; 68(2):319-24.

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Santos AD, Miller RP, Mathew PK, Wallace WA, Cave WT, Hinojosa L. "Echocardiographic characterization of the reversible cardiomyopathy of hypothyroidism." The American journal of medicine.. 1980 May 0; 68(5):675-82.

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Cave WT, Dunn JT. "Choriocarcinoma with hyperthyroidism: probable identity of the thyrotropin with human chorionic gonadotropin." Annals of internal medicine.. 1976 Jul 0; 85(1):60-3.

Cave WT, Dunn JT. "Studies on the thyroidal defect in an atypical form of Pendred's syndrome." The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism.. 1975 Sep 0; 41(3):590-9.

Cave WT, Gaskin JH, Owen JA. "Artifactual elevation of free cortisol." The New England journal of medicine.. 1973 Oct 18; 289(16):870.