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Peter W. Crane, M.D., M.B.A.

Emergency Medicine


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Journal Articles

Crane PW, Zhou Y, Sun Y, Lin L, Schneider SM. "Entropy: a conceptual approach to measuring situation-level workload within emergency care and its relationship to emergency department crowding." The Journal of emergency medicine.. 2014 Apr 0; 46(4):551-9. Epub 2014 Jan 08.

Crane PW; Fabiano S; Daul M; Groenevelt H; Schneider SM. "A Comparison of Injury Severity and Resource Utilization between Motorcycle Trauma and Gunshot Trauma". Journal of Emergency Medicine. 2013; .

Guarrera TK; McGeorge NM; Hegde S; Zhou Y; Lin L; Crane PW; Fairbanks RJ; Kaushal R; Bisantz AM; with the HITEC investigators. "Characterizing Levels of Health IT System Interoperability Based on How it Affects the Work of the Users". Proceedings of the International Symposium of Human Factors and Ergonomics in Healthcare. 2013; .

Zhou Y, Ancker JS, Upadhye M, McGeorge NM, Guarrera TK, Hegde S, Crane PW, Fairbanks RJ, Bisantz AM, Kaushal R, Lin L. "The impact of interoperability of electronic health records on ambulatory physician practices: a discrete-event simulation study." Informatics in primary care.. 2013 21(1):21-9.

Crane PW; Yerman B; Schneider SM. "A lack of effect on patient satisfaction scores in one large urban emergency department". International Journal of Clinical Medicine. 2012; 3(7A): 740-743.

Hwang U, McCarthy ML, Aronsky D, Asplin B, Crane PW, Craven CK, Epstein SK, Fee C, Handel DA, Pines JM, Rathlev NK, Schafermeyer RW, Zwemer FL, Bernstein SL. "Measures of crowding in the emergency department: a systematic review." Academic emergency medicine : official journal of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine.. 2011 May 0; 18(5):527-38.