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2016 Jan 27
Bellizzi MJ, Geathers JS, Allan KC, Gelbard HA. "Platelet-Activating Factor Receptors Mediate Excitatory Postsynaptic Hippocampal Injury in Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis." The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience. 2016 Jan 27; 36(4):1336-46.
2016 Jan
Zhang G, Guo D, Dash PK, Araínga M, Wiederin JL, Haverland NA, Knibbe-Hollinger J, Martinez-Skinner A, Ciborowski P, Goodfellow VS, Wysocki TA, Wysocki BJ, Poluektova LY, Liu XM, McMillan JM, Gorantla S, Gelbard HA, Gendelman HE. "The mixed lineage kinase-3 inhibitor URMC-099 improves therapeutic outcomes for long-acting antiretroviral therapy." Nanomedicine : nanotechnology, biology, and medicine. 2016 Jan; 12(1):109-22. Epub 2015 Oct 22.
2015 Apr 1
Puccini JM, Marker DF, Fitzgerald T, Barbieri J, Kim CS, Miller-Rhodes P, Lu SM, Dewhurst S, Gelbard HA. "Leucine-rich repeat kinase 2 modulates neuroinflammation and neurotoxicity in models of human immunodeficiency virus 1-associated neurocognitive disorders." The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience. 2015 Apr 1; 35(13):5271-83.
Hammond JW, Lu SM, Gelbard HA. "Platelet Activating Factor Enhances Synaptic Vesicle Exocytosis Via PKC, Elevated Intracellular Calcium, and Modulation of Synapsin 1 Dynamics and Phosphorylation." Frontiers in cellular neuroscience. 2015 9:505. Epub 2016 Jan 08.
2014 Nov
Gendelman HE, Gelbard HA. "Adjunctive and long-acting nanoformulated antiretroviral therapies for HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders." Current opinion in HIV and AIDS. 2014 Nov; 9(6):585-90.
2014 Sep 1
Guo D, Zhang G, Wysocki TA, Wysocki BJ, Gelbard HA, Liu XM, McMillan JM, Gendelman HE. "Endosomal trafficking of nanoformulated antiretroviral therapy facilitates drug particle carriage and HIV clearance." Journal of virology. 2014 Sep 1; 88(17):9504-13. Epub 2014 Jun 11.
2014 Apr
Polesskaya O, Wong C, Lebron L, Chamberlain JM, Gelbard HA, Goodfellow V, Kim M, Daiss JL, Dewhurst S. "MLK3 regulates fMLP-stimulated neutrophil motility." Molecular immunology. 2014 Apr; 58(2):214-22. Epub 2014 Jan 03.
2014 Jan 28
Kapetanovic S, Griner R, Zeldow B, Nichols S, Leister E, Gelbard HA, Miller TL, Hazra R, Mendez AJ, Malee K, Kammerer B, Williams PL, . "Biomarkers and neurodevelopment in perinatally HIV-infected or exposed youth: a structural equation model analysis." AIDS. 2014 Jan 28; 28(3):355-64.
Rhoo KH, Granger M, Sur J, Feng C, Gelbard HA, Dewhurst S, Polesskaya O. "Pharmacologic inhibition of MLK3 kinase activity blocks the in vitro migratory capacity of breast cancer cells but has no effect on breast cancer brain metastasis in a mouse xenograft model." PloS one. 2014 9(9):e108487. Epub 2014 Sep 29.
2013 Nov 1
Tremblay MÈ, Marker DF, Puccini JM, Muly EC, Lu SM, Gelbard HA. "Ultrastructure of microglia-synapse interactions in the HIV-1 Tat-injected murine central nervous system." Communicative & integrative biology. 2013 Nov 1; 6(6):e27670. Epub 2013 Dec 31.
2013 Oct 24
Goodfellow VS, Loweth CJ, Ravula SB, Wiemann T, Nguyen TX, Xu Y, Todd DE, Sheppard DW, Pollack S, Polesskaya O, Marker DF, Dewhurst S, Gelbard HA. "Discovery, synthesis, and characterization of an orally bioavailable, brain penetrant inhibitor of mixed lineage kinase 3." Journal of medicinal chemistry. 2013 Oct 24; 56(20):8032-48. Epub 2013 Oct 03.
2013 Oct 22
Gelbard HA, Gendelman HE. "Lipids and cognition make good bedfellows for neuroAIDS." Neurology. 2013 Oct 22; 81(17):1480-1. Epub 2013 Sep 11.
2013 Jun 12
Marker DF, Tremblay ME, Puccini JM, Barbieri J, Gantz Marker MA, Loweth CJ, Muly EC, Lu SM, Goodfellow VS, Dewhurst S, Gelbard HA. "The new small-molecule mixed-lineage kinase 3 inhibitor URMC-099 is neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory in models of human immunodeficiency virus-associated neurocognitive disorders." The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience. 2013 Jun 12; 33(24):9998-10010.
2013 Jun
Ma Q, Gelbard HA, Maggirwar SB, Dewhurst S, Gendelman HE, Peterson DR, Difrancesco R, Hochreiter JS, Morse GD, Schifitto G. "Pharmacokinetic interactions of CEP-1347 and atazanavir in HIV-infected patients." Journal of neurovirology. 2013 Jun; 19(3):254-60. Epub 2013 Jun 05.
2012 Nov 13
Dash PK, Gendelman HE, Roy U, Balkundi S, Alnouti Y, Mosley RL, Gelbard HA, McMillan J, Gorantla S, Poluektova LY. "Long-acting nanoformulated antiretroviral therapy elicits potent antiretroviral and neuroprotective responses in HIV-1-infected humanized mice." AIDS. 2012 Nov 13; 26(17):2135-44.
2012 Sep
Lapin ZJ, Höppener C, Gelbard HA, Novotny L. "Near-field quantification of complement receptor 1 (CR1/CD35) protein clustering in human erythrocytes." Journal of neuroimmune pharmacology : the official journal of the Society on NeuroImmune Pharmacology. 2012 Sep; 7(3):539-43. Epub 2012 Feb 29.
Liu W, Ren Y, Bossert A, Wang X, Dayawansa S, Tong J, He X, Smith DH, Gelbard HA, Huang JH. "Allotransplanted neurons used to repair peripheral nerve injury do not elicit overt immunogenicity." PloS one. 2012 7(2):e31675. Epub 2012 Feb 09.
Marker DF, Puccini JM, Mockus TE, Barbieri J, Lu SM, Gelbard HA. "LRRK2 kinase inhibition prevents pathological microglial phagocytosis in response to HIV-1 Tat protein." Journal of neuroinflammation. 2012 9:261. Epub 2012 Nov 29.
2011 Mar 2
Dash PK, Gorantla S, Gendelman HE, Knibbe J, Casale GP, Makarov E, Epstein AA, Gelbard HA, Boska MD, Poluektova LY. "Loss of neuronal integrity during progressive HIV-1 infection of humanized mice." The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience. 2011 Mar 2; 31(9):3148-57.
2011 Feb
Perry SW, Norman JP, Barbieri J, Brown EB, Gelbard HA. "Mitochondrial membrane potential probes and the proton gradient: a practical usage guide." BioTechniques. 2011 Feb; 50(2):98-115.
2011 Jan
Kasischke KA, Lambert EM, Panepento B, Sun A, Gelbard HA, Burgess RW, Foster TH, Nedergaard M. "Two-photon NADH imaging exposes boundaries of oxygen diffusion in cortical vascular supply regions." Journal of cerebral blood flow and metabolism : official journal of the International Society of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism. 2011 Jan; 31(1):68-81. Epub 2010 Sep 22.
Lu SM, Tremblay MÈ, King IL, Qi J, Reynolds HM, Marker DF, Varrone JJ, Majewska AK, Dewhurst S, Gelbard HA. "HIV-1 Tat-induced microgliosis and synaptic damage via interactions between peripheral and central myeloid cells." PloS one. 2011 6(9):e23915. Epub 2011 Sep 02.
2010 Oct 20
Perry SW, Barbieri J, Tong N, Polesskaya O, Pudasaini S, Stout A, Lu R, Kiebala M, Maggirwar SB, Gelbard HA. "Human immunodeficiency virus-1 Tat activates calpain proteases via the ryanodine receptor to enhance surface dopamine transporter levels and increase transporter-specific uptake and Vmax." The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience. 2010 Oct 20; 30(42):14153-64.
2010 Oct
Gelbard HA, Dewhurst S, Maggirwar SB, Kiebala M, Polesskaya O, Gendelman HE. "Rebuilding synaptic architecture in HIV-1 associated neurocognitive disease: a therapeutic strategy based on modulation of mixed lineage kinase." Neurotherapeutics : the journal of the American Society for Experimental NeuroTherapeutics. 2010 Oct; 7(4):392-8.
2010 Jun 19
Kapetanovic S, Leister E, Nichols S, Miller T, Tassiopoulos K, Hazra R, Gelbard HA, Malee KM, Kammerer B, Mendez AJ, Williams PL, . "Relationships between markers of vascular dysfunction and neurodevelopmental outcomes in perinatally HIV-infected youth." AIDS. 2010 Jun 19; 24(10):1481-91.
2010 Jan 15
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Polesskaya O, Cunningham LL, Francis SP, Luebke AE, Zhu X, Collins D, Vasilyeva ON, Sahler J, Desmet EA, Gelbard HA, Maggirwar SB, Walton JP, Frisina RD, Dewhurst S. "Ablation of mixed lineage kinase 3 (Mlk3) does not inhibit ototoxicity induced by acoustic trauma or aminoglycoside exposure." Hearing research. 2010 270(1-2):21-7. Epub 2010 Oct 27.
Marker DF, Tremblay ME, Lu SM, Majewska AK, Gelbard HA. "A thin-skull window technique for chronic two-photon in vivo imaging of murine microglia in models of neuroinflammation." Journal of visualized experiments : JoVE. 2010 (43)Epub 2010 Sep 19.
2009 Sep
Joseph J, Clifford D, Douglas SD, Fox H, Gendelman HE, Gonzalez-Scarano F, Grant I, Major E, McArthur J, . "Planning Future Strategies for Domestic and International NeuroAIDS Research, July 24-25, 2008." Journal of neuroimmune pharmacology : the official journal of the Society on NeuroImmune Pharmacology. 2009 Sep; 4(3):283-97. Epub 2009 May 20.
2009 Aug 18
Eggert D, Dash PK, Serradji N, Dong CZ, Clayette P, Heymans F, Dou H, Gorantla S, Gelbard HA, Poluektova L, Gendelman HE. "Development of a platelet-activating factor antagonist for HIV-1 associated neurocognitive disorders." Journal of neuroimmunology. 2009 Aug 18; 213(1-2):47-59. Epub 2009 Jun 21.
2009 Apr
Schifitto G, Zhong J, Gill D, Peterson DR, Gaugh MD, Zhu T, Tivarus M, Cruttenden K, Maggirwar SB, Gendelman HE, Dewhurst S, Gelbard HA. "Lithium therapy for human immunodeficiency virus type 1-associated neurocognitive impairment." Journal of neurovirology. 2009 Apr; 15(2):176-86.
2008 Sep
DiCenzo R, Peterson DR, Cruttenden K, Mariuz P, Rezk NL, Hochreiter J, Gelbard H, Schifitto G. "Effects of minocycline and valproic acid coadministration on atazanavir plasma concentrations in human immunodeficiency virus-infected adults receiving atazanavir-ritonavir." Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy. 2008 Sep; 52(9):3035-9. Epub 2008 Jun 23.
Norman JP, Perry SW, Reynolds HM, Kiebala M, De Mesy Bentley KL, Trejo M, Volsky DJ, Maggirwar SB, Dewhurst S, Masliah E, Gelbard HA. "HIV-1 Tat activates neuronal ryanodine receptors with rapid induction of the unfolded protein response and mitochondrial hyperpolarization." PloS one. 2008 3(11):e3731. Epub 2008 Nov 14.
2007 Jun
Lu SM, Tong N, Gelbard HA. "The phospholipid mediator platelet-activating factor mediates striatal synaptic facilitation." Journal of neuroimmune pharmacology : the official journal of the Society on NeuroImmune Pharmacology. 2007 Jun; 2(2):194-201. Epub 2007 Feb 27.
2007 Mar 1
Sui Z, Sniderhan LF, Schifitto G, Phipps RP, Gelbard HA, Dewhurst S, Maggirwar SB. "Functional synergy between CD40 ligand and HIV-1 Tat contributes to inflammation: implications in HIV type 1 dementia." The Journal of immunology : official journal of the American Association of Immunologists. 2007 Mar 1; 178(5):3226-36.
2007 Mar
Dewhurst S, Maggirwar SB, Schifitto G, Gendelman HE, Gelbard HA. "Glycogen synthase kinase 3 beta (GSK-3 beta) as a therapeutic target in neuroAIDS." Journal of neuroimmune pharmacology : the official journal of the Society on NeuroImmune Pharmacology. 2007 Mar; 2(1):93-6. Epub 2006 Dec 16.
2007 Jan 15
Norman JP, Perry SW, Kasischke KA, Volsky DJ, Gelbard HA. "HIV-1 trans activator of transcription protein elicits mitochondrial hyperpolarization and respiratory deficit, with dysregulation of complex IV and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide homeostasis in cortical neurons." The Journal of immunology : official journal of the American Association of Immunologists. 2007 Jan 15; 178(2):869-76.
2006 Jul 1
Sui Z, Fan S, Sniderhan L, Reisinger E, Litzburg A, Schifitto G, Gelbard HA, Dewhurst S, Maggirwar SB. "Inhibition of mixed lineage kinase 3 prevents HIV-1 Tat-mediated neurotoxicity and monocyte activation." The Journal of immunology : official journal of the American Association of Immunologists. 2006 Jul 1; 177(1):702-11.
2006 May
Sui Z, Sniderhan LF, Fan S, Kazmierczak K, Reisinger E, Kovács AD, Potash MJ, Dewhurst S, Gelbard HA, Maggirwar SB. "Human immunodeficiency virus-encoded Tat activates glycogen synthase kinase-3beta to antagonize nuclear factor-kappaB survival pathway in neurons." The European journal of neuroscience. 2006 May; 23(10):2623-34.
2006 Mar 28
Schifitto G, Peterson DR, Zhong J, Ni H, Cruttenden K, Gaugh M, Gendelman HE, Boska M, Gelbard H. "Valproic acid adjunctive therapy for HIV-associated cognitive impairment: a first report." Neurology. 2006 Mar 28; 66(6):919-21. Epub 2006 Mar 01.
2006 Mar
Bellizzi MJ, Lu SM, Gelbard HA. "Protecting the synapse: evidence for a rational strategy to treat HIV-1 associated neurologic disease." Journal of neuroimmune pharmacology : the official journal of the Society on NeuroImmune Pharmacology. 2006 Mar; 1(1):20-31.
2005 Nov
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2005 Oct
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2005 Sep 14
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2005 May 15
Nelson JA, Dou H, Ellison B, Uberti M, Xiong H, Anderson E, Mellon M, Gelbard HA, Boska M, Gendelman HE. "Coregistration of quantitative proton magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging with neuropathological and neurophysiological analyses defines the extent of neuronal impairments in murine human immunodeficiency virus type-1 encephalitis." Journal of neuroscience research. 2005 May 15; 80(4):562-75.
2005 Apr 1
Perry SW, Norman JP, Litzburg A, Zhang D, Dewhurst S, Gelbard HA. "HIV-1 transactivator of transcription protein induces mitochondrial hyperpolarization and synaptic stress leading to apoptosis." The Journal of immunology : official journal of the American Association of Immunologists. 2005 Apr 1; 174(7):4333-44.
2004 Nov 15
Perry SW, Norman JP, Litzburg A, Gelbard HA. "Antioxidants are required during the early critical period, but not later, for neuronal survival." Journal of neuroscience research. 2004 Nov 15; 78(4):485-92.
2004 Nov
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2004 Jul 15
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2004 May
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2004 Feb 19
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2004 Jan
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2003 Oct 8
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2003 Jul 20
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2002 Aug
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2001 Aug
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2001 May
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2001 Apr
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2000 Oct
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2000 Feb 1
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2000 Feb
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1999 Oct
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1999 Aug 3
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1999 Aug
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1999 Jul 22
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1999 Apr
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1999 Mar 27
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1999 Mar 1
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1998 Sep 1
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1998 Jul 10
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1998 Jul 10
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1998 May 15
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1998 Mar
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1997 Jul
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1997 Feb
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1996 Nov 1
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1996 Nov
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1996 Sep
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1996 Jun 28
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1996 Jun
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1996 Apr
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1996 Jan
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1995 Jun
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1995 May
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1994 Jul
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