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Betty Rabinowitz, M.D.


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Journal Articles

Priel B, Heimer D, Rabinowitz B, Hendler N. "Perceptions of asthma severity: the role of negative affectivity." The Journal of asthma : official journal of the Association for the Care of Asthma.. 1994 31(6):479-84.

Priel B, Gonik N, Rabinowitz B. "Appraisals of childbirth experience and newborn characteristics: the role of hardiness and affect." Journal of personality.. 1993 Sep; 61(3):299-315.

Rabinowitz B, Williams G, Quill TE. "Somatization. Why can't we see the forest for the trees?" General hospital psychiatry.. 1993 Jul; 15(4):208-10.

Rabinowitz B, Cantor A. "Conduction disturbances induced by postural changes." International journal of cardiology.. 1991 Jun; 31(3):345-7.

Hendler N, Berginer V, Rabinowitz B, Schlaeffer F. "[Mollaret's syndrome: recurrent benign aseptic meningitis]." Harefuah.. 1991 Mar 15; 120(6):350-1.

Priel B, Rabinowitz B, Pels RJ. "A semiotic perspective on chronic pain: implications for the interaction between patient and physician." The British journal of medical psychology. 1991 Mar; 64 ( Pt 1):65-71.

Hendler, N.; Schlaeffer, F.; Zirkin, H.; Rabinowitz, B.; Berginer, V. ""Mollaret's meningitis in association with delivery in a Bedouin woman: a case report."". European Journal of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Biology. 1991; 39(1): 77-79.

Schlaeffer F, Rabinowitz B, Hagai Z. "[New antibiotics for gynecologic infections]." Harefuah.. 1990 Sep; 119(5-6):148-50.

Priel B, Rabinowitz B. "Teaching social sciences in the clinical years through psychosocial conferences." Journal of medical education.. 1988 Jul; 63(7):555-8.