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Gewandter JS, McDermott MP, Kitt RA, Chaudari J, Koch JG, Evans SR, Gross RA, Markman JD, Turk DC, Dworkin RH. "Interpretation of CIs in clinical trials with non-significant results: systematic review and recommendations." BMJ open.. 2017 Jul 18; 7(7):e017288. Epub 2017 Jul 18.

Smith SM, Gewandter JS, Kitt RA, Markman JD, Vaughan JA, Cowan P, Kopecky EA, Malamut R, Sadosky A, Tive L, Turk DC, Dworkin RH. "Participant Preferences for Pharmacologic Chronic Pain Treatment Trial Characteristics: An ACTTION Adaptive Choice-Based Conjoint Study." The journal of pain : official journal of the American Pain Society.. 2016 Nov 0; 17(11):1198-1206. Epub 2016 Aug 20.

Sadosky, A; Dubrava, S; Parsons, B; Hopps, M.; Markman, JD. "Using Random Forest Models to Identify Correlates of a Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy Diagnosis from Electronic Health Record Data". Pain Medicine. 2016; .

Sadosky, A; Li, C; Parsons, B; Behar, R; Jensen, TS; Markman, JD. "Effects of pregabalin in patients with neuropathic pain previously treated with gabapentin: a pooled analysis of parallel-group, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trials." Pain Practice. 2016; .

Sadosky A, Mardekian J, Parsons B, Hopps M, Bienen EJ, Markman J. "Healthcare utilization and costs in diabetes relative to the clinical spectrum of painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy." Journal of diabetes and its complications.. 2015 Mar 0; 29(2):212-7. Epub 2014 Nov 08.

Markman JD, Kress BT, Frazer M, Hanson R, Kogan V, Huang JH. "Screening for neuropathic characteristics in failed back surgery syndromes: challenges for guiding treatment." Pain medicine : the official journal of the American Academy of Pain Medicine.. 2015 Mar 0; 16(3):520-30. Epub 2014 Dec 19.

Markman, J.D., W. Barbosa, J. Gewandter, M. Frazer, S. Rast, M. Dugan, K. Nandigam, A. Villarreal, T. Kwong. "Interpretation of Urine Drug Testing Results in Patients Using Transdermal Buprenorphine Preparations for the Treatment of Chronic Non-Cancer Pain". Pain Medicine. 2015; .

Markman, J. D., M. Frazer, S. Rast, M. McDermott, J. Gewandter, A. Chowdhry, K. Czerniecka, W. Pilcher, L.Simon, R. Dworkin. "A double-blind, randomized, controlled crossover trial of pregabalin for neurogenic claudication". Neurology. 2015; .

Sadosky, A; Mardekian, J.; Parsons, B.; Hopps, M.; Bienen, E.J.; Markman, J. "Healthcare Utilization and Costs in Diabetes Relative to the Clinical Spectrum of Painful Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy". Journal of Diabetes and Its Complications. 2015; 29(2): 212-217.

Markman, J.D., J.S. Gewandter, M. E. Frazer, N. M. Murray, S.A. Rast, M. P. McDermott, A.K. Chowdhry, E. Tompkinson, W.H. Pilcher, K. A. Walter, R. H. Dworkin. "A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Cross-over Trial of Oxymorphone Hydrochloride and Propoxyphene/acetaminophen combination for the Treatment of Neurogenic Claudication Associated with Lumbar Spinal Stenosis". Spine. 2015; .

Villarreal, A; Markman, J. "Spanish translation and linguistic validation of the screener and opioid assessment for patients with pain-revised (SOAPP-R)". Pain Med. 2014; 15(5): 876-877.

Dayawansa, S., E. W. Wang, W. Liu, J. D. Markman, H. A. Gelbard and J. H. Huang. "Allotransplanted DRG neurons or Schwann cells affect functional recovery in a rodent model of sciatic nerve injury". Neurol Res. 2014; .

Fillingim, R. B., S. Bruehl, R. H. Dworkin, S. F. Dworkin, J. D. Loeser, D. C. Turk, E. Widerstrom-Noga, L. Arnold, R. Bennett, R. R. Edwards, R. Freeman, J. Gewandter, S. Hertz, M. Hochberg, E. Krane, P. W. Mantyh, J. Markman, T. Neogi, R. Ohrbach, J. A. Paice, F. Porreca, B. A. Rappaport, S. M. Smith, T. J. Smith, M. D. Sullivan, G. N. Verne, A. D. Wasan and U. Wesselmann. "The ACTTION-American Pain Society Pain Taxonomy (AAPT): an evidence-based and multidimensional approach to classifying chronic pain conditions". J Pain. 2014; 15(3): 241-249.

Franklin GM, Markman JD. ""Spinal Pain: When is it time for an intervention?"". Neurology in Clinical Practice. 2014; 4: 277-279.

Webster, L.R.; Markman, J. "Medical management of chronic low back bain: efficacy and outcomes". Neuromodulation. 2014; 17 Suppl 2: 18-23.

Smith, S. M., R. C. Dart, N. P. Katz, F. Paillard, E. H. Adams, S. D. Comer, A. Degroot, R. R. Edwards, J. D. Haddox, J. H. Jaffe, C. M. Jones, H. D. Kleber, E. A. Kopecky, J. D. Markman, I. D. Montoya, C. O'Brien, C. L. Roland, M. Stanton, E. C. Strain, G. Vorsanger, A. D. Wasan, R. D. Weiss, D. C. Turk, R. H. Dworkin, A. Analgesic, T. I. O. "Classification and definition of misuse, abuse, and related events in clinical trials; ACTTION systematic review and recommendations". Pain. 2013; 154(11): 2287-2296.

Dworkin RH; Dennis C. Turk; Sarah Peirce-Sandner; Laurie B. Burke;, John T. Farrar; Ian Gilron; Mark P. Jensen; Nathaniel P. Katz; Srinivasa N. Raja; Bob A. Rappaport; Michael C. Rowbotham; Misha-Miroslav Backonja; Ralf Baron;, Nicholas Bellamym; Zubin Bhagwagar; Ann Costello; Penney Cowan; Weikai Christopher Fang; Sharon Hertz; Gary W. Jay; Roderick Junor; Robert D. Kerns; Rosemary Kerwin; Ernest A. Kopecky; Dmitri Lissin; Richard Malamut; John D. Markman; Michael P. McDermott; Catherine Munera;. "Considerations for improving assay sensitivity in chronic pain clinical trials: IMMPACT recommendations". 2012; 153(6): 1148-1158.

D Turk; AB O'Connor; RH Dworkin; AChaudhry; NP Katz; EH Adams; JS Brownstein; SD Comer; R Dart; N Dasgupta; RA Denisco; M Klein; DB Leiderman; RLubran; BA Rappaport; JP Zacny; H Ahdieh; LB Burke; P Cowan; P Jacobs; R Malamut; J Markman; E Michna; P Palmer; S Peirce-Sandner; JS Potter; SN Raja; C Rauschkolb; CL Roland; LR Webster; RD Weiss; K Wolf. "Research design considerations for clinical studies of abuse-deterrent opioid analgesics: IMMPACT recommendations". Pain. 2012; 153(10).

Takano, T.; Chen, X.; Luo, F.; Ren, Z.; Goldman, N.; Zhao. Y.; Markman, J.D.; Nedergaard, M. "Traditional acupuncture triggers a local increase in adenosine in human subjects". J Pain. 2012; 13(12): 1215-1223.

Dworkin RH; Turk DC; Basch E; Berger A; Cleeland C; Farrar JT; Haythornthwaite JA; Jensen MP; Kerns RD; Markman J; Porter L; Raja SN; Ross E; Todd K; Wallace M; Woolf CJ. "Considerations for extrapolating evidence of acute and chronic pain analgesic efficacy". Pain. 2011; 152: 1705-1708.

Markman, JD. "Bundle Up: It's Painful Out There - The Case for Opioid-Acetaminophen Combinations". Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics. 2010; 88(3): 292-294.

Markman, J.D.; Hanson, R.S. "The role of interventional therapy in the treatment of neuropathic pain". Continuum: Lifelong Learning in Neurology. 2009; 15(5): 101-133.

O'Connor AB, Schwid SR, Herrmann DN, Markman JD, Dworkin RH. "Pain associated with multiple sclerosis: systematic review and proposed classification." Pain.. 2008 Jul 0; 137(1):96-111. Epub 2007 Oct 24.

Markman JD. "Not so fast: the reformulation of fentanyl and breakthrough chronic non-cancer pain." Pain.. 2008 Jun 0; 136(3):227-9. Epub 2008 Apr 01.

Markman JD, Gaud KG. "Lumbar spinal stenosis in older adults: current understanding and future directions." Clinics in geriatric medicine.. 2008 May 0; 24(2):369-88, viii.

Markman JD, Philip A. "Interventional approaches to pain management." Anesthesiology clinics.. 2007 Dec 0; 25(4):883-98, viii.

Simon LS, Evans C, Katz N, Bombardier C, West C, Robbins J, Copley-Merriman C, Markman J, Coombs JH. "Preliminary development of a responder index for chronic low back pain." The Journal of rheumatology.. 2007 Jun 0; 34(6):1386-91.

Markman JD, Philip A. "Interventional approaches to pain management." The Medical clinics of North America.. 2007 Mar 0; 91(2):271-86.

Markman, JD; Philip, A. ""Interventional approaches to pain management"". Anesthesiol Clin. 2007; 25(4): 883-898, viii.

Markman JD. "Gabapentin in the operating room: clear for discharge?" Neurology.. 2006 Oct 10; 67(7):1116-7.

Markman JD, Dworkin RH. "Ion channel targets and treatment efficacy in neuropathic pain." The journal of pain : official journal of the American Pain Society.. 2006 Jan 0; 7(1 Suppl 1):S38-47.

Kerrigan DC, Lee LW, Nieto TJ, Markman JD, Collins JJ, Riley PO. "Kinetic alterations independent of walking speed in elderly fallers." Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation.. 2000 Jun 0; 81(6):730-5.

Ackers ML, Schoenfeld S, Markman J, Smith MG, Nicholson MA, DeWitt W, Cameron DN, Griffin PM, Slutsker L. "An outbreak of Yersinia enterocolitica O:8 infections associated with pasteurized milk." The Journal of infectious diseases.. 2000 May 0; 181(5):1834-7. Epub 2000 May 15.

Smith, J.A.; Fuino, R.; Pesis-Katz, I.; Cai, X.; Powers, B.; Frazer, M.; Markman, J.D. "Opioid Prescribing in Chronic Low Back Pain Patients with Depression; a Cross-sectional Study of a National Sample from the United States". J Pain. .

. "Markman JD; Jensen TS; Semel D; Li C; Parsons B; Behar R; Sadosky AB. "Effects of Pregabalin in Patients with Neuropathic Pain Previously Treated with Gabapentin: A pooled analysis of parallel-group, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trials." Pain Practice. 2016; DOI: 10.1111/papr.12516". .

Books & Chapters

Chapter Title: Pain- Antidepressants, Anticonvulsants.
Book Title: Encyclopedia of the Neurological Sciences 2E edited
Author List: Markman JD and S. Noria.
Published By: Elsevier2014

Chapter Title: Interdisciplinary Pain Medicine: A Case Approach
Book Title: Lumbar Spinal Stenosis
Author List: Markman, JD and Kiran Nandigam
Published By: Oxford University Press2014

Book Title: The Netter Collection Of Medical Illustrations: Volume 7, Part 2 Spinal Cord and
Author List: Markman JD.
Published By: Elsevier2013

Chapter Title: In: Clinical Trials in Neurology: Design, Conduct, Analysis.
Book Title: Enrichment Designs.
Author List: Kellogg KM and Markman JD.
Published By: Cambridge University Press.2012

Chapter Title: Neuropathic Pain: Mechanisms, Diagnosis and Treatment.
Book Title: Spinal Root Disease: Radiculopathy and Arachnoiditis.
Author List: Markman JD, Van Vliet, H.
Published By: New York: Oxford University Press, Inc.2012

Chapter Title: The Role of Interventional Therapy in the Treatment of Neuropathic Pain
Book Title: Continuum: Lifelong Learning in Neurology
Author List: Markman, JD; Hanson, R
Published By: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins2009

Chapter Title: Diagnosis and Management Approaches to Lumbar Spinal Stenosis
Book Title: Geriatrics and Aging
Author List: John D. Markman, Maria E. Frazer, Pierre S. Girgis, Kevin R. McCormick
Published By: Michael Yasny2009

Chapter Title: Lumbar Spinal Stenosis: Current Therapy & Future Directions
Book Title: Current Therapy in Pain
Author List: Markman, J.D.; Sinkin, J.C.
Edited By: Smith, H.S.;
Published By: Saunders2008 in United Kingdom

Chapter Title: Viral Infections of the Nervous System
Book Title: Netter's Neurology
Author List: De Rosa, F.G.; McQuillen, D.P.; Craven, D.E.; Markman, J.; Jones, H.R., Jr.
Edited By: H. Royden Jones, Jr.
Published By: Icon Learning Systems2005 in Teterboro, NJ

Chapter Title: Neuropathic Pain
Book Title: The Massachusetts General Hospital Handbook of Pain Management
Author List: Markman, JD; Oaklander, AL;
Edited By: Ballantyne, JC; Fishman, SM; Abdi, S; Borsook, D; LeBel, A; McPeek, B
Published By: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins2001 in Philadelphia

Chapter Title: Growth Factors and Stroke Recovery
Book Title: Cerebrovascular Disease: Momentum at the End of the Second Millennium
Author List: Ren, J.M.; Markman, J.D.; Finklestein, S.P.
Edited By: Choi, D.W.
Published By: Futura2001 in Armonk, NY

Chapter Title: Newer Antidepressants
Book Title: Emergency Toxicology
Author List: Markman J.D.; Wax, P.M.
Edited By: Viccellio, P.
Published By: Lippincott Raven1998 in Philadelphia