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2012 May
Cholette JM, Henrichs KF, Alfieris GM, Powers KS, Phipps R, Spinelli SL, Swartz M, Gensini F, Daugherty LE, Nazarian E, Rubenstein JS, Sweeney D, Eaton M, Lerner NB, Blumberg N. "Washing red blood cells and platelets transfused in cardiac surgery reduces postoperative inflammation and number of transfusions: results of a prospective, randomized, controlled clinical trial." Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. 2012; 13(3): 290-9.
Cholette JM, Rubenstein JS, Alfieris GM, Powers KS, Eaton M, Lerner NB. "Children with single-ventricle physiology do not benefit from higher hemoglobin levels post cavopulmonary connection: results of a prospective, randomized, controlled trial of a restrictive versus liberal red-cell transfusion strategy." Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. 2011; 12(1): 39-45.
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2007 Oct
Cholette JM, Rubenstein JS, Alfieris GM, McDermott MP, Harmon WG, Vermilion R, Eaton MP, Gangemi JJ, Lerner NB. "Elevated risk of thrombosis in neonates undergoing initial palliative cardiac surgery." The Annals of thoracic surgery. 2007 Oct; 84(4):1320-5.
F. A. Maffei, and J. S. Rubenstein. "Site of intubation and duration of mechanical ventilation in pediatric status asthmaticus." Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. 2007; 8(5): 509.
2005 Jun
Powers KS, Nazarian EB, Tapyrik SA, Kohli SM, Yin H, van der Jagt EW, Sullivan JS, Rubenstein JS. "Bispectral index as a guide for titration of propofol during procedural sedation among children." Pediatrics. 2005 Jun; 115(6):1666-74.
2004 Sep
Maffei FA, van der Jagt EW, Powers KS, Standage SW, Connolly HV, Harmon WG, Sullivan JS, Rubenstein JS. "Duration of mechanical ventilation in life-threatening pediatric asthma: description of an acute asphyxial subgroup." Pediatrics. 2004 Sep; 114(3):762-7.
2004 Jun
Melnyk BM, Alpert-Gillis L, Feinstein NF, Crean HF, Johnson J, Fairbanks E, Small L, Rubenstein J, Slota M, Corbo-Richert B. "Creating opportunities for parent empowerment: program effects on the mental health/coping outcomes of critically ill young children and their mothers." Pediatrics. 2004 Jun; 113(6):e597-607.
J. S. Rubenstein. "Treatment of complicated empyema--Perspectives on perspective." Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. 2003; 4(1): 122-123.
1999 Sep
Powers KS, Rubenstein JS. "Family presence during invasive procedures in the pediatric intensive care unit: a prospective study." Archives of pediatrics & adolescent medicine. 1999 Sep; 153(9):955-8.
1997 Feb
Melnyk BM, Alpert-Gillis LJ, Hensel PB, Cable-Beiling RC, Rubenstein JS. "Helping mothers cope with a critically ill child: a pilot test of the COPE intervention." Research in nursing & health. 1997 Feb; 20(1):3-14.
1996 Apr
Goldstein B, Metlay L, Cox C, Rubenstein JS. "Association of pre mortem diagnosis and autopsy findings in pediatric intensive care unit versus emergency department versus ward patients." Critical care medicine. 1996 Apr; 24(4):683-6.
1994 Jul
Rubenstein JS, Unti SM, Winter RJ. "Pediatric resident attitudes about technologic support of vegetative patients and the effects of parental input--a longitudinal study." Pediatrics. 1994 Jul; 94(1):8-12.
1994 May
Rubenstein JS. "Initial management of coma and altered consciousness in the pediatric patient." Pediatrics in review. 1994 May; 15(5):204-7.
1993 Dec
Rubenstein JS. "The autonomic nervous system and adrenergic receptors in pediatric practice." Pediatrics in review. 1993 Dec; 14(12):489-92.
1993 Jun
Powell EC, Reynolds SL, Rubenstein JS. "Theophylline toxicity in children: a retrospective review." Pediatric emergency care. 1993 Jun; 9(3):129-33.
1993 Jan
Rubenstein JS, Noah ZL, Zales VR, Shulman ST. "Acute myocarditis associated with Shigella sonnei gastroenteritis." The Journal of pediatrics. 1993 Jan; 122(1):82-4.
1992 Dec
Rubenstein JS, Gomez MA, Rybicki L, Noah ZL. "Can the need for a physician as part of the pediatric transport team be predicted? A prospective study." Critical care medicine. 1992 Dec; 20(12):1657-61.
1992 Nov
Rubenstein JS, Kabat K, Shulman ST, Yogev R. "Bacterial and fungal colonization of endotracheal tubes in children: a prospective study." Critical care medicine. 1992 Nov; 20(11):1544-9.
1992 Jul
Venkataraman ST, Rubenstein JS, Orr RA. "Interhospital transport. A pediatric perspective." Critical care clinics. 1992 Jul; 8(3):515-23.
1992 Jan
Noah ZL, Hahn YS, Rubenstein JS, Aronyk K. "Management of the child with severe brain injury." Critical care clinics. 1992 Jan; 8(1):59-77.
1991 Oct
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1988 Jul
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1985 Aug
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Wang SY, Spongberg SA, Rubenstein JS, Rubenstein HS. "Ragweed in China." Nature. 1985 316(6027):386.
1984 Dec 14
Rubenstein HS, Rubenstein JS. "Impressions of clinical allergy in China." JAMA. 1984 Dec 14; 252(22):3127.
1984 Nov 27
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1984 May
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1982 Nov
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1982 Jun
Watters WW, Bellissimo A, Rubenstein JS. "Teaching individual psychotherapy: learning objectives in communication." Canadian journal of psychiatry. Revue canadienne de psychiatrie. 1982 Jun; 27(4):263-9.
1982 May 14
Rubenstein JS. "Preparing a child for a good-bye visit to a dying loved one." JAMA. 1982 May 14; 247(18):2571-2.
1980 Mar
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1978 Oct
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1976 Jun
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1976 Jun
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