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2016 Dec
Chaturvedi A, Ranasinghe RA, Chaturvedi A, Meyers SP. "Lesions involving the outer surface of the bone in children: a pictorial review." Insights into imaging. 2016 Dec; 7(6):763-778. Epub 2016 Oct 19.
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2015 Jul
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2013 May
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2006 May
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2004 Sep
Meyers SP, Khademian ZP, Chuang SH, Pollack IF, Korones DN, Zimmerman RA. "Choroid plexus carcinomas in children: MRI features and patient outcomes." Neuroradiology. 2004 Sep; 46(9):770-80.
2003 Apr
Patel RK, Rubery PT, Myers S, Everett CR. "Pedicle lesion in the toddler: a radiologic review." Pain physician. 2003 Apr; 6(2):213-6.
2002 May
Beitia AO, Meyers SP, Kanal E, Bartell W. "Spontaneous discharge of a firearm in an MR imaging environment." AJR. American journal of roentgenology. 2002 May; 178(5):1092-4.
2002 Jan 15
Hollenberg GM, Beattie PF, Meyers SP, Weinberg EP, Adams MJ. "Stress reactions of the lumbar pars interarticularis: the development of a new MRI classification system." Spine. 2002 Jan 15; 27(2):181-6.
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2000 Apr 1
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1999 Aug
Fultz PJ, Jacobs CV, Hall WJ, Gottlieb R, Rubens D, Totterman SM, Meyers S, Angel C, Del Priore G, Warshal DP, Zou KH, Shapiro DE. "Ovarian cancer: comparison of observer performance for four methods of interpreting CT scans." Radiology. 1999 Aug; 212(2):401-10.
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1998 Jul
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1998 Apr
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1998 Mar
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1998 Feb
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1997 Dec 22
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1997 Oct
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1996 Apr
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1995 Nov
Gottlieb RH, Meyers SP, Hall C, Amesur N, Domke R, Rubens DJ. "Pyomyositis: diagnostic value of color Doppler sonography." Pediatric radiology. 1995 Nov; 25 Suppl 1:S109-11.
1995 Feb 15
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1995 Jan
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1994 Nov
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1994 Sep
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1994 May
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1993 Apr
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1992 Jul
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1992 Apr
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1991 Apr
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1983 Apr
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1982 Dec
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1982 Dec
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1982 Dec
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1982 Oct
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