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Robert Q. Pollard, Jr., Ph.D.


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Journal Articles

Mastrocinque JM, Thew D, Cerulli C, Raimondi C, Pollard RQ, Chin NP. "Deaf Victims' Experiences With Intimate Partner Violence: The Need for Integration and Innovation." Journal of interpersonal violence.. 2017 Dec; 32(24):3753-3777. Epub 2015 Sep 13.

Mathos KK, Pollard RQ. "Capitalizing on Community Resources to Build Specialized Behavioral Health Services Together with Persons who are Deaf, Deafblind or Hard of Hearing." Community mental health journal.. 2016 Feb; 52(2):187-93. Epub 2015 Oct 27.

Cerulli, C., Pollard, R. Q Jr., Thew, D., Mastrocinque, J., Smith, C., DeWindt, L., Haynes, S., Kelstone, K. & Chin, N. "What can we learn? Examining intimate partner violence service provision in the Deaf Community." Journal of Community Psychology. 2015; 43(2): 142-155.

Pollard RQ, Sutter E, Cerulli C. "Intimate partner violence reported by two samples of deaf adults via a computerized American sign language survey." Journal of interpersonal violence.. 2014 Mar; 29(5):948-65. Epub 2013 Oct 17.

Humphries, T., Kushalnagar, P., Mathur, G., Napoli, D. J., Padden, C.,Pollard, R., Rathmann, C., & Smith, S. "What medical education can do to ensure robust language development in deaf children." Medical Science Educator. 2014; 24(4): 409-419.

Pollard RQ, Betts WR, Carroll JK, Waxmonsky JA, Barnett S, Degruy FV, Pickler LL, Kellar-Guenther Y. "Integrating primary care and behavioral health with four special populations: Children with special needs, people with serious mental illness, refugees, and deaf people." The American psychologist.. 2014 69(4):377-87.

Barnett S, Klein JD, Pollard Jr RQ, Samar V, Schlehofer D, Starr M, Sutter E, Yang H, Pearson TA. "Community participatory research with deaf sign language users to identify health inequities." American journal of public health.. 2011 Dec; 101(12):2235-8. Epub 2011 Oct 20.

Dean, R. K. & Pollard, R. Q (2011). "Context-based ethical reasoning in interpreting: A demand control schema perspective." Interpreter and Translator TrainerDean, R. K. & Pollard, R. Q (2011). 2011; : 155-182.

Graybill, P., Aggas, J., Dean, R. K., Demers, S., Finigan, E. & Pollard, R. Q. "A community-participatory approach to adapting survey items for deaf individuals and American Sign Language". Field Methods. 2010; 22(4): 429-448.

Pollard RQ, Barnett S. "Health-related vocabulary knowledge among deaf adults." Rehabilitation psychology. 2009 May; 54(2):182-5.

Pollard RQ, Dean RK, O'Hearn A, Haynes SL. "Adapting health education material for deaf audiences." Rehabilitation psychology. 2009 May; 54(2):232-8.

Dean, R. K. & Pollard, R. Q (2009). "Effectiveness of observation-supervision training in community mental health interpreting settings". REDIT E-journal on the Didactics of Translation and Interpreting,. 2009; : 1-17.

O'Hearn, A. M. & Pollard, R. Q. "Modifying Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Deaf individuals." Cognitive and Behavioral Practice. 2008; 15: 400-414.

Pollard, R. Q; DeMatteo, A.; Lentz, E.; Rediess, S. "A prose recall test using stories in American Sign Language". 2007; 52(1): 11-24.

Pollard, R. Q, DeMatteo, A, Lentz, E., & Rediess, S. "A prose recall test using stories in American Sign Language." Rehabilitation Psychology. 2007; 52(1): 11-24.

Pollard, R. Q. "From dissertation to journal article: A useful method for planning and writing any manuscript" . The Internet Journal of Mental Health. 2005; 2(2).

Pollard, R. Q; Rediess, S.; DeMatteo, A. "Development and validation of the Signed Paired Associates Test". Rehabilitation Psychology. 2005; 50(3): 258-265.

Dean RK, Pollard RQ. "Application of demand-control theory to sign language interpreting: implications for stress and interpreter training." Journal of deaf studies and deaf education.. 2001 6(1):1-14.

Pollard, R. Q; Rendon, M. E. "Familien mit gehorlosen und horenden Mitgliedern: Vorteile optimal nutzen und Riskiken klein halten". Das Zeichen. 1999; 49: 412-419.

Richards, J.; Harmer, L.; Pollard, P.; Pollard, R. "Deaf Strong Hospital: An exercise in cross-cultural communication for first year medical students". Journal of the University of Rochester Medical Center. 1999; 10: 5-7.

Pollard R, Rendon M. "Mixed deaf-hearing families: maximizing benefits and minimizing risks." Journal of deaf studies and deaf education.. 1999 4(2):156-7.

Pollard, R. Q. "A consumer interview seminar that enhances medical student attitudes toward persons with disabilities". Journal of Behavioral Sciences in Medical Education. 1998; 5(1): 27-31.

Pollard RQ. "Professional psychology and deaf people. The emergence of a discipline." The American psychologist.. 1996 Apr; 51(4):389-96.

Pollard R. "Conceptualizing and conducting preoperative psychological assessments of cochlear implant candidates." Journal of deaf studies and deaf education.. 1996 1(1):16-28.

Pollard, R. Q. "Mental health services and the deaf population: A regional consensus planning approach". Journal of the American Deafness & Rehabilitation Association. 1995; 28(3): 1-47.

Pollard, R. Q. "Public mental health service and diagnostic trends regarding individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing". Rehabilitation Psychology. 1994; 39(3): 147-160.

Pollard RQ. "Cochlear implants." The New England journal of medicine.. 1993 Jun 17; 328(24):1787; author reply 1787-8.

Pollard, R. Q. "100 years in psychology and deafness: A centennial retrospective". Journal of the American Deafness and Rehabilitation Association. 1993; 26(3): 32-46.

Pollard RQ. "Cross-cultural ethics in the conduct of deafness research." Rehabilitation psychology. 1992 37(2):87-101.

Pollard, R. Q. "Update on deafness and mental health." American Rehabilitation. 1986; 12(4): 8 10, 22 23.

Pollard RQ, Katkin ES. "Placebo effects in biofeedback and self-perception of muscle tension." Psychophysiology.. 1984 Jan; 21(1):47-53.

Pollard, R. Q (Ed.). "Deafness and psychology [Special issue]." Rehabilitation Psychology. 38(4).

Barnett, S., Klein, J. D., Pollard, R. Q Jr., Samar, V., Schlehofer, D., Starr, M., Sutter, E., Yang, H. & Pearson, T. A. "Community participatory research to identify health inequities with deaf sign language users". American Journal of Public Health.

Books & Chapters

Chapter Title: Mental health and deaf adults.
Book Title: Oxford handbook of deaf studies, language, and education,
Author List: Leigh, I. W. & Pollard, R. Q .
Edited By: M. Marschark & P. E. Spencer
Published By: New York: Oxford University Press2011

Chapter Title: Beyond "interesting": Using demand control schema to structure experiential learning
Book Title: In our Hands: Educating Healthcare Interpreters.
Author List: Dean, R. K. & Pollard, R. Q
Edited By: K. Malcolm and L. Swabey
Published By: Washington, DC: Gallaudet University Press2011

Chapter Title: Dialectical behavior therapy for deaf clients: Cultural and linguistic modifications for outpatient mental health settings
Book Title: Psychotherapy with Deaf Clients from Diverse Groups
Author List: O'Hearn, A., Pollard, R. & Haynes, S.
Edited By: I. Leigh
Published By: New York: Oxford University Press2010

Chapter Title: Challenges in interpreting addressed by demand-control schema analysis
Book Title: B. E. Cartwright Encounters with reality: 1,001 interpreter scenarios
Author List: Dean, R. K. & Pollard, R. Q
Published By: RID Press.2009 in Alexandria, VA

Chapter Title: Proceedings of the August 3, 2007 pre-conference meeting at the national convention of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf
Book Title: Applications of Demand Control Schema in Interpreter Education
Author List: Pollard, R. Q & Dean, R. K. (.) Rochester, NY: .
Published By: University of Rochester2008

Chapter Title: Consumers and service effectiveness in interpreting work: A practice profession perspective
Book Title: Interpreting and interpreter education: Directions for research and practice
Author List: Dean, R. K. & Pollard, R. Q
Edited By: M. Marschark, R. Peterson, & E. Winston
Published By: Oxford University Press2005 in New York

Chapter Title: Robert Pollard, Ph.D.: Mental health and deaf and hard of hearing individuals
Book Title: Handbook to service the deaf and hard of hearing: A bridge to accessibility
Author List: Pollard, R. Q & Adams, J. W.
Edited By: J. W. Adams & P.S. Rohring
Published By: Elsevier Academic Press.2004 in San Diego

Chapter Title: Mental health and deaf adults.
Book Title: Oxford handbook of deaf studies, language, and education
Author List: Leigh, I. W. & Pollard, R. Q
Edited By: M. Marschark & P. E. Spencer
Published By: Oxford University Press2003 in New York

Chapter Title: Ethical conduct in research involving deaf people
Book Title: Ethics in mental health and deafness
Author List: Pollard, R. Q
Edited By: V. A. Gutman
Published By: Gallaudet University Press.2002 in Washington

Chapter Title: The misfit: A deaf adolescent struggles for meaning
Book Title: Casebook for integrating family therapy
Author List: Pollard, R. Q & Rinker, N. C. S
Edited By: S. H. McDaniel, D. D. Lusterman & C. Philpot
Published By: American Psychological Association2001 in Washington

Chapter Title: Hearing and vision loss
Book Title: Handbook of rehabilitation psychology
Author List: Pollard, R. Q, Miner, I. D. & Cioffi, J.
Edited By: T. R. Elliott & R. J. Frank
Published By: American Psychological Association2000 in Washington

Book Title: Mental health interpreting: A mentored curriculum
Author List: Pollard, R. Q
Published By: University of Rochester1998 in Rochester

Book Title: Mental health interpreting: A mentored curriculum
Author List: Pollard, R. Q (1998).
Published By: Univesity of Rochester1998

Chapter Title: Hearing impairments and test interpretation
Book Title: Test interpretation and diversity: Achieving equity in assessment
Author List: Brauer, B. A., Braden, J. P., Pollard, R. Q & Hardy-Braz, S. T.
Edited By: J. H. Sandoval, C. L. Frisby, K. F. Geisinger, J. Ramos-Grenier & J. Dowd-Scheun
Published By: American Psychological Association1998 in Washington

Chapter Title: Psychopathology.
Book Title: Psychological perspectives on deafness
Author List: Pollard, R. Q
Edited By: M. Marschark & D. Clark
Published By: Lawrence Erlbaum, Inc1998 in Mahwah