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2008 Dec
Vega SJ; Jiang S; Sbitany H; Serletti J;. "500 Consecutive free TRAM Flaps for Breast Reconstruction: A Single Surgeon's Experience." Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. 2008; .
2008 Dec
Selber J; Samra r; Vega SJ; Sonnad s; Wu L; Serletti J. "A Head to Head Comparison Between the MS Free TRAM and the SIEA: Is the Rate of Flap Loss Worth the Gain in Abdominal Wall Function?". Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. 2008; .
2007 Jan
Vega SJ, Sbitany H, Bossert RP. "Vastus lateralis free flap for soft tissue coverage of a lower extremity diabetic ulcer." Journal of reconstructive microsurgery. 2007 Jan; 23(1):51-3.
2006 Sep
Paige KT, Vega SJ, Kelly CP, Bartlett SP, Zakai E, Jawad AF, Stouffer N, Whitaker LA. ""Age-dependent Closure of Bony Defects after Frontal Orbital Advancement."". Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. 2006; 118(4): 977-84.
2006 May
Vega SJ, Bossert RP, Serletti JM. "Improving outcomes in bilateral breast reconstruction using autogenous tissue." Annals of plastic surgery. 2006 May; 56(5):487-90; discussion 490-1.
2006 May
Selber JC, Kurichi JE, Vega SJ, Sonnad SS, Serletti JM. "Risk factors and complications in free TRAM flap breast reconstruction." Annals of plastic surgery. 2006 May; 56(5):492-7.
Jeffrey A. Gusenoff, M.D.; Stephen J. Vega, M.D.; Shao Jiang, M.D.; Amir B. Behnam, M.D.; Hani Sbitany, B.S.; H Raul Herrera, M.D.; Andrew Smith, M.D.; Joseph M. Serletti, M.D. "Free Tissue Transfer: Comparison of Outcomes Between University Hospitals and Community Hospitals." Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. 2006; 118(3): 671-675.
2003 Aug
Vega SJ, Losee JE. "Epignathus teratoma." Journal of the American College of Surgeons. 2003 Aug; 197(2):332-3.
2002 Oct
Losee JE, Selber J, Vega S, Hall C, Scott G, Serletti JM. "Primary cutaneous mucormycosis: guide to surgical management." Annals of plastic surgery. 2002 Oct; 49(4):385-90.
1999 May
Vega SJ, Roberts D, Baum R. "Superior Mesenteric Artery PTA for Splanchnic Angina in patient with Mid-Aortic Stenosis". Journal of Cardiovascular Interventional Radiology. 1999; . Link
Vega, Stephen J MD, Bossert, Ronald P MD, Sbitany, Hani MD. ""Vastus Lateralis Free Flap for Coverage of Lower Extremity Diabetic Ulcer."". Journal of Reconstructive Microsurgery. 23(1); 51-53, January 2007.
Forsberg C; Vega SJ; Hua L; Frankel M;Kirkley S; Serletti S. "Efficacy of Preoperative Autologous Blood Donation in Free TRAM Flap Breast Reconstruction". Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. .