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Journal Articles

Taylor BR, McCann RM. "Controlled sedation for physical and existential suffering?" Journal of palliative medicine.. 2005 Feb 0; 8(1):144-7.

Falsey AR, Criddle MM, Kolassa JE, McCann RM, Brower CA, Hall WJ. "Evaluation of a handwashing intervention to reduce respiratory illness rates in senior day-care centers." Infection control and hospital epidemiology.. 1999 Mar 0; 20(3):200-2.

Falsey AR, McCann RM, Hall WJ, Criddle MM, Formica MA, Wycoff D, Kolassa JE. "The "common cold" in frail older persons: impact of rhinovirus and coronavirus in a senior daycare center." Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.. 1997 Jun 0; 45(6):706-11.

Falsey AR, McCann RM, Hall WJ, Criddle MM. "Evaluation of four methods for the diagnosis of respiratory syncytial virus infection in older adults." Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.. 1996 Jan 0; 44(1):71-3.

Falsey AR, McCann RM, Hall WJ, Tanner MA, Criddle MM, Formica MA, Irvine CS, Kolassa JE, Barker WH, Treanor JJ. "Acute respiratory tract infection in daycare centers for older persons." Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.. 1995 Jan 0; 43(1):30-6.

McCann RM, Hall WJ, Groth-Juncker A. "Comfort care for terminally ill patients. The appropriate use of nutrition and hydration." JAMA.. 1994 Oct 26; 272(16):1263-6.

Books & Chapters

Chapter Title: Decision-making in the Cognitively Impaired Patient
Book Title: Geriatrics Palliative Care Textbook
Author List: Quill, T; McCann, RM
Published By: Oxford Publishing2002

Chapter Title: Care of Older People Who are Dying
Book Title: New Ways to Care for Older People: Building Systems Based on Evidence
Author List: McCann, R M; ed. Calkins, E; Wagner, E; Pacala, J
Published By: Springer Publishing Co1999

Chapter Title: Complications of Hypertension
Book Title: Cardiovascular Issues in the Elderly: Focus on Hypertension
Author List: McCann, RM; Katz, P
Published By: Churchill Livingstone, Japan1993