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Lowmaster-Csont G, Groth S, Hoopkins P, Guillet R. "An evidence-based approach to breastfeeding neonates at risk for hypoglycemia". Journal of Obstetric Gynecologic and Neonatal Nursing. 2014; 43(1): 71-81.
2013 Apr
Laptook AR, McDonald SA, Shankaran S, Stephens BE, Vohr BR, Guillet R, Higgins RD, Das A, . "Elevated temperature and 6- to 7-year outcome of neonatal encephalopathy." Annals of neurology. 2013 Apr; 73(4):520-8. Epub 2013 Apr 17.
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2012 Nov
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2012 Jul 17
Shankaran S, Barnes PD, Hintz SR, Laptook AR, Zaterka-Baxter KM, McDonald SA, Ehrenkranz RA, Walsh MC, Tyson JE, Donovan EF, Goldberg RN, Bara R, Das A, Finer NN, Sanchez PJ, Poindexter BB, Van Meurs KP, Carlo WA, Stoll BJ, Duara S, Guillet R, Higgins RD, . "Brain injury following trial of hypothermia for neonatal hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy." Archives of disease in childhood. 2012 Jul 17; Epub 2012 Jul 17.
2012 May 31
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2012 Feb
Guillet R, Kwon JM, Chen S, McDermott MP. "Urine phenobarbital drug screening: potential use for compliance assessment in neonates." Journal of child neurology. 2012 Feb; 27(2):200-3. Epub 2011 Sep 27.
2012 Feb
Guillet R, Edwards AD, Thoresen M, Ferriero DM, Gluckman PD, Whitelaw A, Gunn AJ, . "Seven- to eight-year follow-up of the CoolCap trial of head cooling for neonatal encephalopathy." Pediatric research. 2012 Feb; 71(2):205-9. Epub 2011 Dec 21.
2012 Jan
Lasky RE, Church MW, Orlando MS, Morris BH, Parikh NA, Tyson JE, McDavid GE, Oh W, Stevenson DK, Van Meurs KP, Guillet R, Phelps DL. "The effects of aggressive vs. conservative phototherapy on the brainstem auditory evoked responses of extremely-low-birth-weight infants." Pediatric research. 2012 Jan; 71(1):77-84.
2011 Jul
Jaacks LM, Young MF, Essley BV, McNanley TJ, Cooper EM, Pressman EK, McIntyre AW, Orlando MS, Abkowitz JL, Guillet R, O'Brien KO. "Placental expression of the heme transporter, feline leukemia virus subgroup C receptor, is related to maternal iron status in pregnant adolescents." The Journal of nutrition. 2011 Jul; 141(7):1267-72. Epub 2011 May 18.
2011 Jul
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2011 Mar
Kwon JM, Guillet R, Shankaran S, Laptook AR, McDonald SA, Ehrenkranz RA, Tyson JE, O'Shea TM, Goldberg RN, Donovan EF, Fanaroff AA, Poole WK, Higgins RD, Walsh MC. "Clinical seizures in neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy have no independent impact on neurodevelopmental outcome: secondary analyses of data from the neonatal research network hypothermia trial." Journal of child neurology. 2011 Mar; 26(3):322-8. Epub 2010 Oct 04.
2010 Nov
Young MF, Pressman E, Foehr ML, McNanley T, Cooper E, Guillet R, Orlando M, McIntyre AW, Lafond J, O'Brien KO. "Impact of maternal and neonatal iron status on placental transferrin receptor expression in pregnant adolescents." Placenta. 2010 Nov; 31(11):1010-4. Epub 2010 Sep 15.
2009 Mar
Wilson-Costello D, Walsh MC, Langer JC, Guillet R, Laptook AR, Stoll BJ, Shankaran S, Finer NN, Van Meurs KP, Engle WA, Das A, . "Impact of postnatal corticosteroid use on neurodevelopment at 18 to 22 months' adjusted age: effects of dose, timing, and risk of bronchopulmonary dysplasia in extremely low birth weight infants." Pediatrics. 2009 Mar; 123(3):e430-7. Epub 2009 Feb 09.
Guillet, R. "Phenobarbital: Too Much of a Good Thing?". J Pediatr Neurol. 2009; .
2008 Oct 30
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2008 Oct
Thingvoll ES, Guillet R, Caserta M, Dicenzo R. "Observational trial of a 48-hour gentamicin dosing regimen derived from Monte Carlo simulations in infants born at less than 28 weeks' gestation." The Journal of pediatrics. 2008 Oct; 153(4):530-4. Epub 2008 Jun 27.
2008 Oct
Guillet R, Kwon JM. "Prophylactic phenobarbital administration after resolution of neonatal seizures: survey of current practice." Pediatrics. 2008 Oct; 122(4):731-5.
2008 Feb
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2007 Apr
Guillet R, Kwon J. "Seizure recurrence and developmental disabilities after neonatal seizures: outcomes are unrelated to use of phenobarbital prophylaxis." Journal of child neurology. 2007 Apr; 22(4):389-95.
2007 Mar
Amin SB, Guillet R. "Auditory neural maturation after exposure to multiple courses of antenatal betamethasone in premature infants as evaluated by auditory brainstem response." Pediatrics. 2007 Mar; 119(3):502-8.
Laroia N, McBride MC, Guillet R. "Felbamate in term infants with hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy". J Pediatr Neurol. 2007; 5(4): 301-304.
2006 Feb
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2005 Oct 13
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2005 Jun
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2003 Nov
Elhassan NO, Stevens TP, Sorbero ME, Dick AW, Guillet R, Hall CB. "Guidelines for palivizumab prophylaxis: are they based on infant's risk of hospitalization for respiratory syncytial viral disease?" The Pediatric infectious disease journal. 2003 Nov; 22(11):939-43.
2003 Jun
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2003 May
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2002 Nov 1
Hashim MJ, Guillet R. "Common issues in the care of sick neonates." American family physician. 2002 Nov 1; 66(9):1685-92.
2002 Sep
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2001 Apr
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2000 Aug 22
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2000 Aug
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2000 Mar
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1999 Oct
Amin SB, Orlando MS, Dalzell LE, Merle KS, Guillet R. "Morphological changes in serial auditory brain stem responses in 24 to 32 weeks' gestational age infants during the first week of life." Ear and hearing. 1999 Oct; 20(5):410-8.
1998 Jun
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1998 May
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1998 Apr
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1997 May 20
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1997 Apr
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1997 Jan 2
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1995 Oct 27
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1995 Aug
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1995 Jul
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1994 Oct 14
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1991 Dec
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1991 May
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1990 Jan 1
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1988 Sep
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1988 Jun
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1987 Sep
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1980 Mar
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1976 Jun
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1974 Dec 1
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