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Yaroch, A. L.; Nebeling, L.; Thompson, F. E.; Hurley, T. G.; Hebert, J. R.; Toobert, D. J.; Resnicow, K.; Greene, G. W.; Williams, G. C.; Elliot, D. L.; Goldman Sher, T.; Stacewicz-Sapuntzakis, M.; Salkeld, J.; Rossi, S.; Domas, A.; Mcgregor, H.; Defrancesco, C.; Mccarty, F.; Costello, R. B.; Peterson, K. E. ;. "Baseline design elements and sample characteristics for seven sites participating in the Nutrition Working Group of the Behavioral Change Consortium". 2008; 138: 185S-192S.

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Williams GC, McGregor HA, Sharp D, Levesque C, Kouides RW, Ryan RM, Deci EL. "Testing a self-determination theory intervention for motivating tobacco cessation: supporting autonomy and competence in a clinical trial." Health psychology : official journal of the Division of Health Psychology, American Psychological Association.. 2006 Jan 0; 25(1):91-101.

Williams, Geoffrey C.; Lynch, Martin F.; McGregor, Holly A.; Ryan, Richard M.; Sharp, Daryl; Deci, Edward L.;. "Validation of the "Important Other" Climate Questionnaire: Assessing Autonomy Support for Health-Related Change". 2006; 24: 179-194.

Williams, Geoffrey C.; McGregor, Holly; Sharp, Daryl; Kouides, Ruth W.; Levesque, Chantal S.; Ryan, Richard M.; Deci, Edward L.;. "A Self-Determination Multiple Risk Intervention Trial to Improve Smokers' Health". 2006; 21: 1288-1294.

Williams GC, McGregor HA, King D, Nelson CC, Glasgow RE. "Variation in perceived competence, glycemic control, and patient satisfaction: relationship to autonomy support from physicians." Patient education and counseling.. 2005 Apr 0; 57(1):39-45.

McGregor HA, Elliot AJ. "The shame of failure: examining the link between fear of failure and shame." Personality & social psychology bulletin.. 2005 Feb 0; 31(2):218-31.

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Williams, Geoffrey C.; McGregor, Holly; Zeldman, Allan; Freedman, Zachary R.; Deci, Edward L.; Elder, Daniel;. "Promoting glycemic control through diabetes self-management: Evaluating a patient activation intervention". 2005; 56: 28-34.

Williams GC, McGregor HA, Zeldman A, Freedman ZR, Deci EL. "Testing a self-determination theory process model for promoting glycemic control through diabetes self-management." Health psychology : official journal of the Division of Health Psychology, American Psychological Association.. 2004 Jan 0; 23(1):58-66.

Gramzow, Richard H.; Elliot, Andrew J.; Asher, Evan; McGregor, Holly A.;. "Self-evaluation bias and academic performance: Some ways and some reasons why". 2003; 37: 41-61.

Elliot, Andrew J.; McGregor, Holly A.; Thrash, Todd M.;. "The need for competence". 2002; : 361-387.

McGregor, Holly A.; Elliot, Andrew J.;. "Achievement goals as predictors of achiement-relevant processes prior to task engagement". 2002; 94: 381-395.

Elliot AJ, McGregor HA. "A 2 X 2 achievement goal framework." Journal of personality and social psychology.. 2001 Mar 0; 80(3):501-19.

Sheldon KM, McGregor HA. "Extrinsic value orientation and "the tragedy of the commons"." Journal of personality.. 2000 Apr 0; 68(2):383-411.

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Harmon-Jones, Eddie; Simon, Linda; Greenberg, Jeff; Pyszczynski, Tom; Solomon, Sheldon; McGregor, Holly;. "Terror management theory and self-esteem: Evidence that increased self-esteem reduced mortality salience effects". 1997; 72: 24-36.