Albert S.J. Koh, D.O.

Albert S.J. Koh, D.O.

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University of Rochester Medical Center
School of Medicine and Dentistry
601 Elmwood Ave, Box 604
Rochester, NY 14642

Fax: (585) 244-7610

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Lee, T.K., Koh, A.S., Cui, Z., Pierce, R.H. and Ballatori, N. "N-Glycosylation controls functional activity of Oatp1, an organic anion transporter". Am. J. Physiol. 2003; 285: G371-G381.
Simmons-Willis, T. A., Koh, A.s., Ballatori, N., Clarkson, T.W. "Transport of a neurotoxicant by molecular mimicry: the methlmercury-L-cysteine complex is a substrate for human LAT1 and LAT2 amino acid carriers." Biochemical Journal. 2002; 367(Pt 1): 239-246.
Koh, A. S., Simmons-Willis, T. A., Prichard, J. B. Grassl, S.M., Ballatori, N. "Identification of a mechanism by which the methylmercury antidotes N-acetylcysteine and dimercaptopropanesulfonate enhance urinary metal excretion: transport by the renal organic anion transporter-1, Oat 1". Molecular Pharmacology. 2002; 62(4): 921-926.
Seward, D.J., Koh, A.S., Boyer, J. L., and Ballatori, N. "Functional complementation between a novel mammalian polgenic transport complex and an evolutionarily ncient organic solute transporter, OSTalpha-OSTbeta". Bio. Chem. 278: 274373-27482.