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Albert S.J. Koh, D.O.

Anesthesiology, Pain


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Journal Articles

Lee TK, Koh AS, Cui Z, Pierce RH, Ballatori N. "N-glycosylation controls functional activity of Oatp1, an organic anion transporter." American journal of physiology. Gastrointestinal and liver physiology.. 2003 Aug 0; 285(2):G371-81. Epub 2003 Apr 17.

Seward DJ, Koh AS, Boyer JL, Ballatori N. "Functional complementation between a novel mammalian polygenic transport complex and an evolutionarily ancient organic solute transporter, OSTalpha-OSTbeta." The Journal of biological chemistry.. 2003 Jul 25; 278(30):27473-82. Epub 2003 Apr 28.

Simmons-Willis TA, Koh AS, Clarkson TW, Ballatori N. "Transport of a neurotoxicant by molecular mimicry: the methylmercury-L-cysteine complex is a substrate for human L-type large neutral amino acid transporter (LAT) 1 and LAT2." The Biochemical journal.. 2002 Oct 1; 367(Pt 1):239-46.

Koh AS, Simmons-Willis TA, Pritchard JB, Grassl SM, Ballatori N. "Identification of a mechanism by which the methylmercury antidotes N-acetylcysteine and dimercaptopropanesulfonate enhance urinary metal excretion: transport by the renal organic anion transporter-1." Molecular pharmacology.. 2002 Oct 0; 62(4):921-6.