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Danielle M. Lindenmuth, M.D., M.B.A.


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Journal Articles

Gandhi, K,; Lindenmuth, DM,; Hadzic, A,; Xu, D,; Patel, VS,; Maliakal, TJ,; Gadsden, JC. "The effect of stimulating versus conventional perineural catheters on postoperative analgesia following ultrasound-guided femoral nerve localization." J Clin Anesth. 2011; 23(8): 626-31.

Gadsden, JC.; Lindenmuth, DM.; Hadzic, A.; Xu, D.; Somasundarum, L.; Flisinski, KA. "Lumbar plexus block using high-pressure injection leads to contralateral and epidural spread." Anesthesiology. 2008; 109(4): 683-8.

Eldin, S.; Forget, A.L.; Lindenmuth, D.M.; Logan, K.M.; Knight, K.L. "Mutations in the N-terminal region of RecA that disrupt the stability of free protein oligomers but not RecA-DNA complexes" . Journal of Molecular Biology. 2000; 299(1): 91-101.

Lindenmuth, DM.; van Wijnen, AJ.; Herbert, S.; Stein, JL.; Stein, GS. "TGF-beta 1 modifications in the nuclear matrix proteins of osteoblasts during differentiation." Journal of Cellular Biochemistry. 1998; 69(3): 291-303.

Bagchi, M.; Ansari, S.A.; Lindenmuth, D.M.; van Wijnen, A.J.; Heibert, S.; Stein, J.L.; Lian, J.B. Stein, G.S. "Nuclear Matrix associated DNA-binding proteins of ocular lens epithelial cells" . Biology Reports. 1998; 25(1): 13-9.

Lindenmuth, DM.; van Wijnen, AJ.; Heibert, S.; Stein, JL.; Lian, JB.; Stein, GS. "Subcellular partitioning of transcription factors during osteoblast differentiation: developmental association of the AML/CBF alpha/PEBP2 alpha-related transcription factor-NMP-2 with the nuclear matrix" . Journal of Cellular Biochemistry. 1997; 66(1): 123-32.