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Tzong-Jen Sheu, Ph.D.


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Lee, YJ; Tsai, CH; Hwang, JJ; Chiu, SJ; Sheu, TJ; Keng, PC. "Involvement of a p53-independent and post-transcriptional up-regulation for p21WAF/CIP1 following destablization of the actin cytoskeleton". Int J Oncol. 2009; 34(2): 581-9.

Zhang, M; Zhou, Q; Liang, QQ; Li, CG; Holz, JD; Tang, D; Sheu, TJ; Li, TF; Shi, Q; Wang, YJ. "IGF-1 regulation of type II collagen and MMP-13 expression in rat endplate chondrocytes via distinct signaling pathways". Osteoarthritis Cartilage. 2009; 17(1): 100-6.

Tsai, CH; Chiu, SJ; Liu, CC; Sheu, TJ; Hsieh, CH; Keng, PC; Lee, YJ. "Regulated expression of cofilin and the consequent regulation of p27 (kip1) are essential for G(1) phase progression". Cell Cycle. 2009; 8(15): 2365-74.

Matsuzawa, M; Sheu, TJ; Lee, YJ; Chen, M; Li, TF; Huang, CT; Holz, JD; Puzas, JE. "Putative signaling action of amelogenin utilizes the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway". J Periodontal Res. 2009; 44(3): 289-96.

Chen M, Zhu M, Awad H, Li TF, Sheu TJ, Boyce BF, Chen D, O'Keefe RJ. "Inhibition of beta-catenin signaling causes defects in postnatal cartilage development." Journal of cell science.. 2008 May 1; 121(Pt 9):1455-65. Epub 2008 Apr 08.

Brouxhon S, Konger RL, VanBuskirk J, Sheu TJ, Ryan J, Erdle B, Almudevar A, Breyer RM, Scott G, Pentland AP. "Deletion of prostaglandin E2 EP2 receptor protects against ultraviolet-induced carcinogenesis, but increases tumor aggressiveness." The Journal of investigative dermatology.. 2007 Feb 0; 127(2):439-46. Epub 2006 Sep 14.

Chen M, Lichtler AC, Sheu TJ, Xie C, Zhang X, O'Keefe RJ, Chen D. "Generation of a transgenic mouse model with chondrocyte-specific and tamoxifen-inducible expression of Cre recombinase." Genesis : the journal of genetics and development.. 2007 Jan 0; 45(1):44-50.

Ryan, EP; Holz, JD; Mulcahey, M; Sheu, TJ; Gasiewicz, TA; Puzas, JE. "Environmental toxicants may modulate osteoblast differentiation by a mechanism involving the aryl hydrocarbon receptor". J Bone Miner Res. 2007; 22(10): 1571-80.

Holz, JD; Sheu, TJ; Driss, H; Matsuzawa, M; Zuscik, MJ; Puzas, JE. "Environmental agents affect skeletal growth and development". Birth Defects Res C Embroyo Today. 2007; 81(1): 41-50.

Li TF, Chen D, Wu Q, Chen M, Sheu TJ, Schwarz EM, Drissi H, Zuscik M, O'Keefe RJ. "Transforming growth factor-beta stimulates cyclin D1 expression through activation of beta-catenin signaling in chondrocytes." The Journal of biological chemistry.. 2006 Jul 28; 281(30):21296-304. Epub 2006 May 10.

Lee YJ, Sheu TJ, Keng PC. "Enhancement of radiosensitivity in H1299 cancer cells by actin-associated protein cofilin." Biochemical and biophysical research communications.. 2005 Sep 23; 335(2):286-91.

Yu HM, Jerchow B, Sheu TJ, Liu B, Costantini F, Puzas JE, Birchmeier W, Hsu W. "The role of Axin2 in calvarial morphogenesis and craniosynostosis." Development. 2005; 32(8): 1995-2005.

Zuscik MJ, Baden JF, Wu Q, Sheu TJ, Schwarz EM, Drissi H, O'Keefe RJ, Puzas JE, Rosier RN. "5-azacytidine alters TGF-beta and BMP signaling and induces maturation in articular chondrocytes." J Cell Biochem. 2004; 15(2): 316-31.

Drissi MH, Li X, Sheu TJ, Zuscik MJ, Schwarz EM, Puzas JE, Rosier RN, O'Keefe RJ. "Runx2/Cbfa1 stimulation by retinoic acid is potentiated by BMP2 signaling through interaction with Smad1 on the collagen X promoter in chondrocytes." Journal of cellular biochemistry.. 2003 Dec 15; 90(6):1287-98.

Coskunfirat OK, Sheu TJ, Jeng SF, Wei FC. "Reconstruction of Achilles tendon and overlying skin with composite groin-fascial free flap: a case report of 14-year follow-up." Plastic and reconstructive surgery.. 2003 Jul 0; 112(1):215-9.

Li X, Schwarz EM, Zuscik MJ, Rosier RN, Ionescu AM, Puzas JE, Drissi H, Sheu TJ, O'Keefe RJ. "Retinoic acid stimulates chondrocyte differentiation and enhances bone morphogenetic protein effects through induction of Smad1 and Smad5." Endocrinology.. 2003 Jun 0; 144(6):2514-23.

Sheu TJ, Schwarz EM, Martinez DA, O'Keefe RJ, Rosier RN, Zuscik MJ, Puzas JE. "A phage display technique identifies a novel regulator of cell differentiation." The Journal of biological chemistry.. 2003 Jan 3; 278(1):438-43. Epub 2002 Oct 25.

Andela VB, Sheu TJ, Puzas EJ, Schwarz EM, O'Keefe RJ, Rosier RN. "Malignant reversion of a human osteosarcoma cell line, Saos-2, by inhibition of NFkappaB." Biochemical and biophysical research communications.. 2002 Sep 20; 297(2):237-41.

Sheu TJ, Schwarz EM, O'Keefe RJ, Rosier RN, Puzas JE. "Use of a phage display technique to identify potential osteoblast binding sites within osteoclast lacunae." Journal of bone and mineral research : the official journal of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research.. 2002 May 0; 17(5):915-22.

Pateder DB, Sheu TJ, O'Keefe RJ, Puzas JE, Schwarz EM, Constine LS, Okunieff P, Rosier RN. "Role of pentoxifylline in preventing radiation damage to epiphyseal growth plate chondrocytes." Radiation research.. 2002 Jan 0; 157(1):62-8.

Liu SH, Sheu TJ. "The in vivo effect of lipopolysaccharide on Na+,K(+)-ATPase catalytic (alpha) subunit isoforms in rat sciatic nerve." Neuroscience letters.. 1997 Oct 3; 234(2-3):166-8.

Liu SH, Sheu TJ, Lin RH, Lin-Shiau SY. "The in vivo effect of lipopolysaccharide on the spontaneous release of transmitter from motor nerve terminals." British journal of pharmacology.. 1995 Sep 0; 116(2):1757-60.

Du CL, Kuo ML, Chang HL, Sheu TJ, Wang JD. "Changes in lymphocyte single strand breakage and liver function of workers exposed to vinyl chloride monomer." Toxicology letters.. 1995 May 0; 77(1-3):379-85.