Rebecca L. Skovgaard, M.S.

Rebecca L. Skovgaard, M.S.

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URMC Midwifery Group
909 Culver Road
Rochester, NY 14609

Office: (585) 275-7892
Fax: (585) 482-1666

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Mercer, JS; Skovgaard, RL; Peareara-Eaves, J; Bowman, TA. "Nuchal Cord Management and Nurse Midwifery Practice". Midwifery Women's Health. 2005; : 50: 373-379. Link
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Skovgaard, RL; Silvonek, AS. "Oligohydramnios: Literature review and case study". Nurse-Midwifery. 1993; : 38: 208-215. Link


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