Geunyoung Yoon, Ph.D.

Geunyoung Yoon, Ph.D.

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University of Rochester Medical Center
School of Medicine and Dentistry
601 Elmwood Ave, Box 659
Rochester, NY 14642

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Advanced Physiological Optics Lab

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Yoon Lab

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Research Bio

Research projects in the Advanced Physiological Optics Laboratory have been focusing on optics of the eye. The goals of the projects are to objectively understand optical quality of the eye and to improve visual performance by correcting the optical defects in the eye with various correction methods. We have successfully developed the large dynamic range wavefront sensor with high measurement sensitivity that allows us to measure highly aberrated eyes such as advanced keratoconus. We have also developed the customized correction methods. These include customized optical components such as phase plate and soft contact lenses, and laser refractive surgery.

We recently implemented the large stroke adaptive optics system for vision testing that has sufficient deformable mirror stroke to correct the highly aberrated eyes such as advanced keratoconus. This powerful tool is being used to understand interaction between optics of the eye and adaptation effects of the human visual system. We are currently expanding our research scope to presbyopia, accommodation and dry eye with advanced intraocular imaging system such as Fourier domain optical coherence tomography and high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging. We have also been very active in collaborating with PIs in intramural and extramural research laboratories and industry.

Recent Journal Articles

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2016 Jan
Abreau K, Callan C, Kottaiyan R, Zhang A, Yoon G, Aquavella JV, Zavislan J, Hindman HB. "Temperatures of the Ocular Surface, Lid, and Periorbital Regions of Sjögren's, Evaporative, and Aqueous-Deficient Dry Eyes Relative to Normals." The ocular surface. 2016 Jan; 14(1):64-73. Epub 2015 Oct 23.
Zheleznyak L, Barbot A, Ghosh A, Yoon G. "Optical and neural anisotropy in peripheral vision." Journal of vision. 2016 16(5):1.
2015 Oct
Kim MJ, Yoo YS, Joo CK, Yoon G. "Evaluation of optical performance of 4 aspheric toric intraocular lenses using an optical bench system: Influence of pupil size, decentration, and rotation." Journal of cataract and refractive surgery. 2015 Oct; 41(10):2274-82.
2015 May
Plaza-Puche AB, Alió JL, MacRae S, Zheleznyak L, Sala E, Yoon G. "Correlating optical bench performance with clinical defocus curves in varifocal and trifocal intraocular lenses." Journal of refractive surgery. 2015 May; 31(5):300-7.
2015 Mar
Zhang A, Maki KL, Salahura G, Kottaiyan R, Yoon G, Hindman HB, Aquavella JV, Zavislan JM. "Thermal analysis of dry eye subjects and the thermal impulse perturbation model of ocular surface." Experimental eye research. 2015 Mar; 132:231-9. Epub 2015 Jan 26.

Current Appointments

Professor - Department of Ophthalmology (SMD) - Primary
Professor - Department of Biomedical Engineering (SMD)
Professor - Department of Biomedical Engineering (SMD)
Professor - Center for Visual Science A&S (RC)
Professor - Department of The Institute of Optics (RC)


PhD | Laser Optics | Japan-Osaka U Fac Med1998
MS | Laser Optics | Japan-Osaka U Fac Med1995
BS | Physics | Korea - Non-Medical School1990